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What's in a name?

When I first started on Instagram I had no idea what I was doing, and in truth, I am still learning.

Since then I have gone through countless IG names. 186 more words

Work From Home

Using My Love of Stories To Develop My Copywriting Portfolio & Find Myself.

Original illustration & redesigned book cover by Kamalini Govender.

Whew. So after four months of extensive copywriting classes at Vega School of Brand Leadership in sunny Durban, I’m finally done with my creative portfolio. 474 more words

Contemplating Reading, Writing And The Imagination

Reaching "All-Star" Status

Clients always have questions about how to create a great profile on LinkedIn. Here are some great tips from MarketingProfs on making your profile stand out from the crowd.

Photo: marketingprofs.com

It Starts With An Idea

What if dreams were ideas that we have not allowed ourselves to fully explore?  What if they are our subconscious saying “Hey, pay attention to me?”  Some of my best ideas have come to me in the state between still asleep and starting to sense the reality of my surroundings. 320 more words


Change Is Always Good...

I’ve been pretty busy lately, trying to revamp my other hobby here, which I am in the process of taking to the next level. I love planning, plotting, designing, and creating something that puts a smile on my face, and makes me feel so inspired. 86 more words

Marketing And Promoting Your First Novel

3 Reasons Why Branding is Hard When You Don't Have Friends 

One of the my biggest struggles moving from Florida to New York is difficulty making friends. New Yorkers are skeptical and they always have a lot going on. 537 more words