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Well, for those of you who are still checking my blog, ha ha, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted due to the fact that school has started, and we are just so darn busy! 764 more words


Support Your Friends: It Helps The Progress

By Jenise Jackson
Blog Content Contributor

Everyone is pretty much guilty of supporting celebrities that we do not know on a personal level. We go out and purchase their albums, support their clothing lines, or whatever the case may be because we feel it is our duty as fans to do so. 444 more words

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Don't Brand Yourself - Be Yourself

A friend of mine and I were talking about our careers. I was telling him that too many companies don’t know what to do with someone who doesn’t fit into a particular niche. 1,091 more words

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Becoming Certified

I have always been rather tech savvy in my day with computers, smart phones, or even tablets. Growing up in a household that always kept up with the new technolgy coming out in the world day by day. 349 more words

Branding Yourself

Learning The Schedual

I recently found an interesting thing through twitter, It is called Tweetdeck. TweetDeck is a website directly connected to twitter that lets you manage and even schedual your tweets for a specific time. 74 more words

Branding Yourself

The Job Search

So with being in college I know I have to think about what is to come of me after I graduate. So I started to look at new jobs that I may be interested in! 349 more words

Branding Yourself

Branding Yourself 

People are so busy building themselves up, starting from schools, post graduate studies and through their works and careers. It is what and how they wanna be seen by their peers and colleagues and including followers from the social media accounts that handle them as the brand.   318 more words

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