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Angel's Demise

A scene, specially created for the moment. It took a few hours to arrange and set up and it was SO worth it. Angel has always had something for the dark and fantastic, loosely rooted in myth and legend. 8,735 more words



Finished logo and happy client. Job done!:-) 169 more words

Brands tiptoe through today’s political minefields.

In 2017, not only is the United States politically divided into nearly equal parts, but it seems as though the gulf between the two sides is wider than it’s been in decades. 649 more words


Water Brands' Limited Appetite for Apps

With such an emphasis on health these days, I thought it’d be easier to find a branded water app. I thought the big brands like Aquafina or Dasani would use technology to connect with their consumers. 542 more words


Wholesale Brochure

When I arrived at Fonté, there were little resources that smoothed our wholesale account sales process. I created this brochure (created for print, 9.5×6 inches printed on thick, matte 100# paper for a soft, luxury feel) for potential customers and current customers looking to educate their business leaders on our coffee product and service.


Ad Design & Copywriting

The following ads were created for various digital and print publications for Fonté Coffee Roaster. Each ad targets a specific audience, and various advertising appeals were used to engage the intended demographic. 12 more words


Personal Branding For The Image Impaired


Never be afraid of your flaws that just might be the one thing we identify with. What is Angelina Jolie known for? 380 more words