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My Online Media Presence

Pretty much all of us use social media to some extent, whether it be for a business, to keep in touch with friends or to follow what your favourite celebrities are doing. 524 more words


Task 3: ‘Inventathon’

Doing this task we had a laugh, as well as great team work generating some crazy and brave ideas fot the future cafe.

Even though we didn’t came up with 12 different ideas, half of the amounth that we documented whas very well thought through. 84 more words

Visual Communication

The Missing Link #24

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication .

The latest newsletter is a tribute to renaissance men: Seth Godin, Shigeru Miyamoto, Louis CK, even Mark Burnett…

http://tinyletter.com/YoniKish/letters/the-missing-link-24 9 more words



Urban Frontier, a Seattle based company, views the urban landscape with fresh eyes and sees uncharted territory.  They assist clients in reclaiming the spaces they occupy, providing sustainable building and landscaping solutions to those seeking refuge from the concrete jungle.


How Important is Social Media, Really?

Social media has invaded our lives in a way could never have been predicted.  With this invasion has come a flurry of new ways for it to be utilized for our own personal use and for business related purposes. 736 more words

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