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Excellent beats groundbreaking every time

Two new restaurants open in the same neighbourhood. One serves pizza, the other specializes in Indonesian rendang, a dish canonized by CNN as the “World’s Most Delicious Food.” 150 more words


Paper, Not Plastic

Plastics and trash are quickly mounting and are endangering the beauty and health of our environment. All acts – large and small – are important to protect the environment. 261 more words

Classroom Activities

Magerit - 'Eternal' colleciton

Introducing for the first time in this region, ‘Eternal’ a brand new collection from our brand partner, Magerit. We had organized an event where dreams, magic and love come to life as the collection ‘Eternal’ is unveiled in Dubai at La Ville Dubai at City Walk. 62 more words


when is small small? (23/July/18)

no one can really decide or agree on exactly what a boutique festival is, giving a name to something that’s been around for years, decades of decades, perhaps it’s yet another marketing opportunity, exercise in rebranding through the back-door, essentially re-inventing the wheel over and over again… some even given what’s become a now over-used and overly familiar moniker of… 386 more words

When the circus comes to town

The rains of winter had finally stopped. But the clouds hung heavy on the horizon, a foreboding premonition of the travellers arrival.

The village folk dreaded and were enthralled by the thought of them. 698 more words