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Are You Utilizing The Newest Resume Tool?

So many aspects of the career field are changing.  Things that you use to be able to accomplish with ease are a challenge, and things that you use to be able to do in the simplest form are no longer the way to catch the attention of a potential employer when reality says that you have found a position that you really want to take on, and therefore, really want to be noticed. 299 more words

artist or creative entrepreneur: meaning & significance

William Deresiewicz wrote a thoughtful article for The Atlantic recently in which he discusses the death of the artist and the birth of the rising creative entrepreneur.  118 more words

Viral Videos – July, 2015

This month’s viral videos are inspirational. The new version of the #LikeAGirl campaign from Always’ was a fast-riser this month, rising quickly to the top of the chart with more than 16 million views. 286 more words

Classroom Activities

Entrepreneurs: Instead of focusing on one business, try starting two at the same time

“We make jeans. That’s it. Nothing else,” insists Hiut Denim, a maker of organic cotton and raw selvedge jeans, on its website. In 2002, in the Welsh town of Cardigan, offshoring closed down Britain’s biggest jeans factory, which once employed one in 10 workers in the area. 641 more words

Sell, sell, sell...

Jane Breaknell, one of the marketing & business coaches from Aspire Photography Training, gives us a few basic yet valuable lessons in the art of selling… 572 more words