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Doctor LaBeouf? See the actor as the iconic British character

Shia LaBeouf may be the Nicolas Cage of the Millennial generation: bizarre, unpredictable and Internet gold. After all, the quirky twentysomething actor has a song written in his honor… 120 more words

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Here's Shia LaBeouf As All 13 Doctors From 'Doctor Who'

What started off as a joke on artist Brandon Bird’s Twitter page soon became a reality as the artist’s fans really wanted to see Shia LaBeouf… 189 more words


Inexplicable, Awesome Portraits of Shia LaBeouf as Each 'Doctor Who' Incarnation

Occasionally you find something on the Internet that’s so inexplicably awesome that all you can do is smile and try not to question it. I have no idea… 219 more words