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The Five Kingdoms

After reading the Fablehaven series I stumbled upon his new series The Five Kingdoms. It is currently on book 3 and there are still more to come. 110 more words


Fablehaven Series

After reading The Beyonders Series I had to read more about Brandon Mull. I found out that he had made a series before The Beyonders and immediately went to my public library and found it. 181 more words


The Beyonders Series

I love Brandon Mull. The first book I saw of his was at Sam’s Club called, A World Without Hero’s from his Beyonders Series. I was hesitant to buy this book but eventually got it. 129 more words


Five Kingdoms: Crystal Keepers - By Brandon Mull

Dad’s Grade: A
Age: 4th grade and up

Background: This is the third book in the Five Kingdom’s series, and, for the most part, it takes part in the kingdom of Zeropolis, which is a high tech city in, at least to this point, the medieval land of the Outskirts. 214 more words

Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion - By Brandon Mull

Dad’s Grade: B+
Age: 4th grade and up

Background: After Jason found himself back in Lyrian, he find himself in immediate danger from minions of Maldor. 220 more words

Beyonders: A World Without Heroes - By Brandon Mull

Dad’s Grade: B

Age: 2nd grade and up

I can’t say enough about Brandon Mull’s imagination. He comes up with the craziest ideas, and just runs with them. 236 more words

Chasing the Prophesy - By Brandon Mull

Dad’s Grade: B+

Age: 9+

My favorite thing about Brandon Mull is that he has really good ideas. His stories are unique, and the plot is always easy to follow, and really engaging. 254 more words