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Soooo... Let's kick this off.

Let’s get this started with what I read in the month of October. I may end up doing reviews for some of these, but no promises. 62 more words


Your Book is Out There

Every time someone tells me that they don’t like to read, I’m left aghast. I find this statement, quite frankly, untrue. “It isn’t that you don’t like to read,” I tell them, “It’s just that you haven’t found something worth reading.” I am a firm believer that there is a book for everybody somewhere out there, waiting to be read. 660 more words


I started this series without knowing anything about it. I just saw it on Goodreads, and it looked interesting. Since I had just finished reading my last book (which happened to be Frankenstein), I figured, “why not”, so I went to my library and checked it out. 346 more words


Dragonwatch #1 by Brandon Mull (Book 1 of The Dragonwatch Series)

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Genre: Fantasy
Category: Young Adult Literature

When Mull finished the Fablehaven series in early 2010, he announced that he might continue the idea, but it would be after he had a chance to think about the series again and write other ideas. 714 more words

YA Books You Need to R

Online lists about which books need to be read by everyone at least once are plentiful, but they never have the books I think are most needing of attention. 641 more words

(33) Fablehaven // Bookish Blurb

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

This is a middle grade fantasy adventure book about siblings Kendra and Seth who spend two weeks at their grandparents house which they learn is a sanctuary for mythical creatures. 302 more words


Spirit Animals Series

Number of Books in Series: 7

Ar Reading Level: 4.9-5.6

Bub: The people can drink a special nectar and it summons spirit animals. There are four special animals who saved their land in the past.   124 more words