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Beyhive mistakes Brandon Roy for Rachel Roy, after confusing Rachel Ray for Rachel Roy

In the wake of Beyoncé’s Lemonade audio-visual tribute to women, her internet followers, the Beyhive, are out for blood. After the Beyhive erroneously swarmed Rachel Ray as Jay Z’s potential mistress, the squad was back at it again Thursday afternoon. 100 more words


What If Kevin Durant Was Drafted by the Blazers?

Every Wednesday, Pick and Popovich will dive down the rabbit hole and explore a different NBA “What if.” The only rule is that the scenario must come from a place that is somewhat realistic and grounded in at least somewhat believable rumor or hearsay. 726 more words

What If?

A One Time Blazer

So Brandon Roy was one of my favorite players ever. He could do it all, shoot, pass, defend hit game winners, God he was amazing to watch. 13 more words


A New Pro League Will Be Launching Soon

Do you love the sport of basketball in general, yet hate the ongoing 82-game (not including playoffs and preseason) grind that is the NBA? Are you one of those disgruntled fans who’ve contributed to the rumblings over recent years that you only watch the NBA after the All-Star break and into the Playoffs? 350 more words


The NBA Champions League Will Be Extremely Entertaining

Many of us have old time players that we either miss watching or were too young to see in the NBA. Kids today will never know how good Tracy McGrady was, or Rasheed Wallace, and so many others. 429 more words


The (Un)Clutch Gene: Demystifying Modern Clutchness By the Numbers

By Griffin Connolly | On Twitter: @griffinconnolly | Email: gconnolly44@gmail.com

In this piece, I attempt to strip away the cloak of mystique shrouding the facts of true clutch play in the NBA. 3,771 more words

Happy 31st, Brandon Roy; your fans miss you

The Washington Husky who received multiple All-American awards in ’06, turns 31 today (July 23) He average 14.1 PPG in his college years with Washington; 20.2 PPG in his last year. 336 more words