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Are Globalists Evil Or Just Misunderstood?

I recently received requests from two different readers, one asking for articles covering the “mindset” of globalists (why they do what they do), and another request for articles covering globalist “occultism.” I find that these two topics are very difficult to pursue with a large number of people for a few reasons: 2,815 more words


MR Fest Artist Profile: Brandon Smith

By Gabriel Fermin
Rap Music Director

Brandon Smith is a young confident rapper/producer out of Dallas who moved to San Marcos last year to attend Texas State University. 174 more words


Lost Faith In Central Banks And The Economic End Game

What many people do not seem to understand is that national central banks are expendable in the minds of globalists like those at the IMF. … 1,951 more words

Economic Report

Comment savoir quand votre société est au milieu d’un effondrement?

Par Brandon Smith | 27 janvier 2016 | Source : Alt-Market.com

Comme la crise économique dans le monde devient de plus en plus apparente, je reçois des messages de lecteurs exprimant certaines préoccupations sur la… 227 more words

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How do you know when your society is in the midst of collapse?

Brandon Smith | January 27, 2016 | Alt-Market.com

As economic turmoil worldwide becomes increasingly apparent, I have been receiving messages from readers expressing some concerns on the public “perception” of collapse. 186 more words

Economic Collapse

Ithaca College: Amy Goodman and Izzy Award Winners to be Honored at Ithaca College Ceremony

From the lede:

ITHACA, NY—Democracy Now! host and executive producer Amy Goodman will be welcomed into the I.F. Stone Hall of Fame at Ithaca College on Wednesday, April 6. 84 more words


The stupid things people do when their society breaks down

Brandon Smith | March 2, 2016 | Alt-Market.com

A frequent mistake that many people make when considering the concept of social or economic collapse is to imagine how people and groups will behave tomorrow based on how people behave today. 173 more words

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