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Writing Excuses

I came across a gem last week. But with all other duties and time constraints , it took me several days to actually check it and Oh my ! 250 more words


Reality Sinking In: Getting Married Without My Father

It’s early in the morning, and I haven’t been to bed. I don’t think I can sleep, I really don’t. Certain things are beginning to sink in for me, and it’s been a night of ups and downs. 1,767 more words

The Lakers Will Imrpove A Bit, But Will Still Be A Lottery Team After The Season

The Los Angeles Lakers have a history of great teams, and winning championships. But, fans need to realize that the Lakers suck right now, and the word “championship” should not be in their vocabulary at this particular moment. 470 more words

I Don't Know What I'm Doing

Today was a nail-biter, in the life of me. I attempted to Easy-Off my oven, with chemical consequences (I will apparently have to rinse it out better next time…?), I mixed vinegar with a bleach-based product, thus committing a cleaning cardinal sin (NO NO NO NO) but experienced scrub-less, immaculate results… 325 more words

I'm Getting Married!

The wait is over for me, I’m officially getting married! I’m an emotional mixture of things, swaying from excited to nervous to worried about pulling it off, but no matter what, I know I’ll have him by my side. 425 more words

Kendra & Brandon get "Murried" in 2 months!!! 

I can’t imagine a more perfect couple, to tell you the truth. Kendra and Brandon are truly made for each other. You know those gorgeous couples they put in picture frames, yep- thats K & B. 418 more words

Premium Starter Kit Sale

Have you been thinking about joining Young Living but just not ready to commit yet? Well now is the best time to join! Starting on July 27 until August 14, 2015 Young Living is putting their Premium Starter Kit on Sale!! 124 more words

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