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B's school field trip


Most international schools in China got the Friday before May Day off. Our school limits all weekends to three days, requiring us to work on Sunday if we would have ended up somehow with a four-day weekend. 333 more words

Asa BURRELL Probate

Asa Burrell lived and died in Brandon, Rutland County, Vermont. His estate was probated in April of 1872. He was married to Abigail Burrell, who survived him. 24 more words

Bachelorette 2016 - The Dregs

You can’t have a fantasy draft without a bunch of guys at the end who will infuriate you all season, and you can’t have a season of the Bachelorette without a bunch of guys who will not make it past the first cocktail party.   2,037 more words

#43: Brandon 1

Last night had been the roughest Brandon has dealt with in a long while.  His father had been laid off from his job at the construction site, thus prompted him to get drunk off his ass and watch football at stadium-volume levels on that Saturday morning.  496 more words


Memorial Cup Preview

In the history of the current Memorial Cup format there have probably been hundreds of articles with the same “And then there were four” intro, so I’ll spare the repetitiveness. 1,673 more words

Day Seven - Casual Outfit

Day Seven – Casual Outfit
Give examples of what your OC wears on a normal day, with nothing special planned.

The clothes of the characters are never really explicitly defined, because I’m aware that I know nothing about the history of clothes and even through research all I can really give is a rough guess because I’m not actually placing the story into a specific historical time period as it’s not necessarily in this universe at all.

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Charmed; Final Episode

None of her fantasies had done their first kiss justice. The feel of his lips on hers, the way his tongue slipped and slid against hers…she was lost to sensation, to the one person she’d been craving body and soul. 1,565 more words