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Weak economic indices slow consumer spending

Marketers in the various segments of the consumer market are in for a bad season. Consumer spending is expected to continue to dip in the coming months, with most consumer spends going to necessities like foodstuffs and food products, due to  rising inflation and drop in disposable income. 519 more words

Dalda Celebrates Mothers of Pakistan

Mothers of Pakistan is a wonderful initiative taken by Dalda Pakistan. Unlike a one time communication, Dalda created a platform where Mothers of Pakistan 411 more words
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ADVAN holds 2016 Marketers Conference on May 13

The umbrella body for all advertisers in Nigeria, the Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) is set to hold the 2016 Marketers Conference, which is aimed at bringing together seasoned industry analysts and experts to discuss emerging issues facing the marketing industry in the country. 408 more words