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A marca Dolce&Gabbana foi avaliada em ranking pela Interbrand. O valor foi utilizado pela polícia fiscal italiana para inflacionar o valor da pena dada aos estilistas?

Parte I – Marcas no paraíso fiscal de Luxembrugo

1. Introdução

Normalmente o que vemos pode não ser a realidade. Observe mais uma vez a imagem que ilustra esse texto, pois ela nos revela que o visível e o invisível podem estar contidos em um só esquema. 2,865 more words

Dolce&Gabbana E Bradesco Em Paraíso Fiscal

Your home spa - Organic Treatment Co.

Well Glastonbury was everything I hoped for – even the mud! But my entire body aches, time to fix up and feel sharp once again with the very best deep tissue massage. 141 more words


Nike and Neymar might have just shown us the future of virtual reality

Watch this on a smartphone in the YouTube app, then come back here.

To promote its new soccer cleats, Nike has made a virtual reality video of Brazilian soccer phenom Neymar scoring a goal for the national team (something… 474 more words

100 brilliant ads but are they relevant?

The print industry is changing rapidly. Publications are increasingly niche or evolving around new industries such as airbnb. The hospitality company with the largest inventory of beds but doesn’t own a single hotel launched… 688 more words


Why Should I Register My Trademarks?

In the United States, trademark rights are based on (1) priority (who used the mark first), (2) territory (the geographic area(s) where the mark has been used), and (3) use (whether products or services are actually provided under the mark). 395 more words

Intellectual Property


Sample text with sample photos


Shade number and name

Sleeve (material? Do people care about what the sleeve is made of?) 36 more words