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Video Review: Brandy & Monica "The Boy Is Mine"

Brandy sits in her room, watching Jerry Springer, on her silver lounge chair. Meanwhile, Monica sits on the couch and switches to an old television show. 512 more words

Music Video

[FHCx294] National Brandied Fruit Day


Today was a tough one. Brandied fruit is not exactly at your regular grocery. The idea is that sometimes you want to preserve some fruit, and you can do it using a sugary alcoholy syrup. 56 more words


Brandied Fruit Day

I don’t think I have ever eaten or made brandied fruit but it sounds yummy.  There is a recipe below if you would like to give it a try. 377 more words


Rhubarb Brandy

Working at the Heritage Shop over the summer, one of the things I had to buy from the store was the cookbook, Fat-Back & Molasses… 1,022 more words


Biggest batch of IRON SYRUP!!

Alright super exciting! BIGGEST batch of iron syrup that I have ever EVER made in my whole life! It was really fun to make and I pulled a classic Amber with not having enough of two ingredients and phoning up a friend at 9pm asking for Blackstrap Molasses and then bombing to town to buy 50$ jug of Brandy. 147 more words

Tiny NYC Kitchen Chronicles: Ladies’ Night In Fall Cocktail

Warm cinnamon aromas, fresh apple and citrus flavors and a rich, cozy red wine…that’s what I call Fall in a Glass.

I had my first ladies’ night in of the season last week (when it was actually cold outside), and made a super easy, seemingly complicated fancy cocktail. 261 more words

New York City Life

Callidora! - Chapter 2 (Section 1)


“What the…? Who the hell’s Jim? This doesn’t sound like Chara. Oh crap, I’m not in Ephesus.” Jim awoke in a disheveled bed and had a headache that was more than real. 3,037 more words

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