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Branzino With Rosemary Vinaigrette

This was part of our Seven Fishes, which in new TTENG household fashion is now a multi-day celebration (none of us has a clue anymore how we used to do all seven fish in one sitting, let alone in one day). 753 more words


Are guests ready to go whole hog (er, fish) this season at PB Catch?

As a new season unfolds, there are new reasons at PB Catch to do what its hashtag encourages—to `get caught’ having fun and eating well at the Sunrise Avenue seafood restaurant and raw bar. 158 more words

Palm Beach Restaurants

How To Cook Fish Fillets On The Skin

Fish fillets, such as European sea bass (also known by the Italian name branzino or the French name loup de mer) or sea bream (also known by the Italian… 530 more words


Grilled Sea Bream and Fennel

Even in the moderate Dutch climate in summer we have days that are so warm that it is nicer to cook outside than inside. What is locally called “barbecue” is usually a festive meal where everyone participates in the cooking process. 763 more words


Exploring Chichén Itza - Los Angeles

We wandered into Mercado la Paloma because we were bored, hungry, and heard live music drifting out and decided to explore. Inside, the band was playing something lively, families were eating, dancing, laughing, and even the servers and busboys had a little rhythm to their steps. 292 more words


Delectable Italian...Miami Beach--

WOW!  We are having our final meal for this visit…tonight it is truffle pasta–a ravioli of sorts–WONDERFUL!…a branzino, a dover sole, a prosciutto bread thing, and a bottle of white Friuli–FABULOUS! 132 more words