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EDS life hack #1 - Solving bra related stress

Most of the time I make it to work having showered, clothed myself and even prepared breakfast. And some of the time one or all of these things don’t happen. 774 more words


I love you Aerie but...

I wish you would practice more what you preach in stores. And I don’t mean your staff members and the pictures around the stores, they all show a variety of body shapes, types, girls and women of various ages and walks of life. 476 more words


The Correct Bra For The Right Occasion

When it comes to choosing the correct bra type which fits your body, most women face a tough time choosing between a wireless and an underwire bra. 413 more words


Since when has the nipple disappeared?

In my research and bra shopping, I have given the foam-lined bras a chance. They are supposedly designed to cover nipples showing through your clothes. Honestly, I hadn’t thought much about nipple show through in the past. 405 more words


Latest Bra and Lingerie Options

I only use free & clear detergent and air-dry my lingerie so there is no extra odor. I do soak all stains in OxiClean, but they remain after so many years. 182 more words

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