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Downsizing your wardrobe? Donate your extra bras!

Since we are moving to Spain very soon, I’ve started sorting through my minimalist wardrobe just to see if I can downsize it even more. Currently, I have around 30 pieces in my wardrobe that I wear regularly throughout the year. 577 more words

The inflatable bra

During World War II the vast number of men who were involved in the war meant that, for the first time ever, women had to take over the jobs that had always previously been filled by men. 247 more words


I'm baaaaaack!

So I recently got back from my big adventure in Austria where I actually nailed standing on skis and somehow going down a mountain! I may have done a lot of it on my backside, but that’s not important….. 418 more words

Boob Blog: Are our bras killing us?

Four years ago, I wrote about the horrific breast rash I’d finally pinned to two of my Victoria’s Secret bras. They were the same style and color I’d worn for years, except these two were made in China, whereas the older ones were made in India. 1,001 more words

Zine Review: Brazine!


Brazine is an ‘introduction to bras’ that you may think you don’t need (if you have breasts), but you probably do.

In a ‘101’ style, Brazine covers band sizes, cup sizes, and other bra basics to get you started. 77 more words


Ah, Phooey Day

Phooey: a word used to express disgust or disdain 

I suppose you could just say the word Phooey about something today but I am going a step farther. 164 more words

A To Z Blogging Challenge

How to get the right bra fit and size

Believe it or not, 80% of women wear the wrong bra. Nothing feels heavenly like wearing a bra that fits you well. In the past, I used to wear any bra I came across as long as I saw it ‘fit’ me well. 684 more words