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Big ones, small ones, lacy ones. Some with Thomas, some with cars, butterflies or stars.  A clean pair every day. Pants. Never considered a luxury. Just reach from inside the drawer. 344 more words


Window Shopping

“Window Shopping”

f5, 1/10 sec., ISO 100, 27 mm

Walking along, window shopping, the merchants all have their latest wares in their front windows.  The majority of the shops have big plate windows so the view is unobstructed.   22 more words


5 Unusual Bra Styles to Get You Covered Under Any Outfit

If you love to wear chic dresses, then certain items like backless dresses and off-the-shoulder tops are sure to catch your eye instantly when you are shopping. 484 more words



I wasn’t joking about this bra. It’s the best.

What’s better is, that I found them on sale on Amazon and the shipping was free with my Prime account! 57 more words


Musings on plus-size clothes and bras

Is being plus-size a disaster? Somehow I don’t think so; a lot of famous actresses and celebrities are curvier. Some people claim that supermodels are idols for a lot of young girls – but let’s face it, a supermodel is just a fancy coat rack that can obey orders – and has problems with the more complex ones. 313 more words


The Age Old Question: How Good Are Guys At Unhooking Bras?

This is a fascinating topic, and the YouTube Channel whatever recently conducted a social experiment to find the answer:

Some of these dudes look like they are trying to solve a quadratic formula or trying to devise a plan to solve world hunger. 109 more words


The Unsupported Boob

How many of us can truly say we love shopping for new bras? Unless you a Victoria Secrets model then maybe.  I often hear people talk about how after they have children their tummies and hips will never be the same, or about the stretch marks that we now have for life, but what about our BOOBS?? 825 more words