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Ain't nobody got time for bra problems.

As a girl growing up in the 21st century United States, I always expected to wear a bra as a grown woman. As a pre-teen, I was counting down the days until I could wear a bra. 225 more words


The Brawl (An Open Letter)

Dear men who are reading this,

You will, very soon, notice that this article’s title is a play on words.  The content following may be something you’ve never had to think about before, or something you are uncomfortable with.  776 more words

Restaurant Gives Women Discounts Based on Bra Size

By: Rob Stone

We all know they do some pretty crazy stuff in China and a Chinese Restaurant is offending some with their latest promotion. They are offering women discounts on food based on their bra size.  105 more words


Wildcard Wednesday: Third Love bras

A few weeks ago I admitted that I am an avid online shopper. In this day and age, I think most people are. However, a more guilty secret is that I am actually one of those people who sees advertisements on Facebook and buys products from them. 872 more words


Ewa MIchalak unlined bras comparison-- 3DM vs BM

I recently purchased a BM Chaberek (from bratabase), and a custom 3DM Malinowy. Right after I got the BM Chaberek, I decided there needs to be a comparison post for the 2 cuts from Ewa. 449 more words


Dress To Impress - Instalment 9 - Sexy Bras

Good Morning Everyone – Sunday again – This is properly the day we don’t wear a bra – oh, it feels so good – but it does not help our breast muscles – it allows them to relax – the last thing we want – so let us look at some sexy bras which will reshape us. 979 more words


Choosing the Right Bra Store

Bra fittings is a dream come true for women who always have a problem with the sizes of bra that they purchase. When you look around while walking in town, you might get a woman who is trying to hide herself to adjust a brassiere because it is tight-fitting and uncomfortable for her. 173 more words