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The Struggle is Real

I just had a twenty minute struggle with my brand new spandex camisole. 20 minutes. I couldn’t get it off! Home alone and stuck in spandex is not as humorous as it sounds….well not in that moment. 176 more words


Japanese lingerie company creates "Fest-Bras" to be worn outside during summer festival season

The popular lingerie retailer is daring its customers to bare their bras to the world this summer. 435 more words


Βρετανία: Εκαναν τα σουτιέν τους… γλάστρες για καλό σκοπό


Χιλιάδες γυναίκες στην Βρετανία πόζαραν τόπλες ακριβώς όπως τα «Κορίτσια Ημερολογίου», με τη μόνη διαφορά ότι είχαν μετατρέψει τα σουτιέν τους σε γλάστρες με πολύχρωμα λουλούδια.


New Polish Brand Impimi ordering + Nicoll bra 65E


Impimi is a Polish brand I recently became aware of. The main reason I chose to buy a bra from them, was because I saw an everyday bra that came in brown (I’m a sucker for brown bras). 662 more words


JEFFREY ROSSMAN from Connecticut exposed as a homo sissy faggot

This is JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT, who can be googled online as either sissyleah43 or sissyleahrossman, and who is admitting he is not only a sissy but that he is a faggot who loves sleeping with boys and making them know they are really men. 100 more words

25 Unlined Bras and Bralettes for When You Literally Can't With Anything Else

It doesn’t matter how much you love lingerie or how well your bra fits: at some point, when the heat gets to the point where you’re sweating before you even step out your door, you’re probably going to start resenting it. 261 more words


Bras vs. Health

Scientists Have Recently Advised Women to Stop Wearing Bras. This is Why…

My thoughts regarding the above-linked article.

Interesting article. (I couldn’t watch the video. Sound issues.) … 329 more words