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Where Have All the Brazilians Gone?

Once everywhere on crowded New York sidewalks, at swanky Miami malls, and on fun Orlando Disney rides, the happy people from the land of soccer are nowhere to be seen…

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"Think It Over!" - Heartbroken Brazilian Kids to LeBron James

Yes, in the country of soccer, kids and teens also love basketball. And when word came that LeBron James was sitting out the Olympics in Rio, heartbroken youngsters couldn’t help but wonder why.

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Savagery Prevails: Dogs Slaughtered in China

Boy, do we like our canine friends! So it came as no surprise to most of us when we learned that lawmakers in Albany, New York, are about to pass a law allowing cremated pet remains…

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Trump: “Crooked Hillary” – Brazilian Students: “What the Heck Does He Mean?”

“Crooked Hillary” – that’s what, more often than not, the presumptive republican nominee calls the woman who might become the next leader of the free world, leaving many in this country wondering what the heck Mr.

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Curitiba Lawyer Eduardo Malucelli Qualifies for 2016 Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Someday, somewhere, someone might come up with a more herculean effort. Today, on planet earth, however, swimming 2.4 miles, then riding a bike for another 112 and topping it all off with a full marathon is no doubt what brings humans closest to Greek Gods…

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