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Flash Fiction #43

 ©David Stewart

Tuba Or Not Tuba

“We can’t all be first-violinists!  Someone has to push wind through the tuba.”

“Take it easy, Bob.  We’re just a little brass band.  114 more words

That's Life

21st March 2015-Contest Day!

I’m currently in Stevenage for the London & Southern Counties area contest. I’m playing in the 3rd Section on solo Horn with Norfolk Wherry Brass with our test piece being the lovley evolution (five states of change) by Phillip Sparke. 79 more words


20th March 2015-Solar Eclipse Day

Well the solar eclipse came but the cloud didn’t go here :( I watched it on tv though and it looked beautiful! Could feel the effects though when it went colder and darker before the sun came out. 28 more words


Most Prized Possession 

Over the last few weeks I’ve become re-acquainted with one of my longest-held items. Something that I’d lost touch touch with and almost forgotten about. I hadn’t realised quite how much this item has had on my life. 1,494 more words

19th March 2015-Growing up

So i’ve booked an appointment for next week to get a bank account open! This makes me feel so old :O Band was good last night and now i’m just on the final countdown before saturday at stevenage… 9 more words


Manically Mad March!

I haven’t updated for the last couple of weeks as it’s been madness in the world of Rachael. If I’m not at work, I’ve been at band rehearsals for the Scottish Championships, if I’ve not been at band I’ve been at the gym and if I’ve not at the gym I’m either sewing cupcakes, travelling around the country or catching up on much needed sleep! 290 more words