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Be on the ball with the origins of phrases

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My topic today may seem a bit ribald, but I’m sure you’ll have a ball with it. 814 more words

Language And Linguistics

Music Monday

I was getting lunch for the kids a few weeks ago, the baby started crying and my 4 year old started singing to her. I walked around the corner to the living room and found he was singing the chorus of Brass Monkey. 20 more words

Music Monday

Please Hold

Things I did while waiting to speak with a representative at Brigham and Women’s Hospital this morning (in no particular order):

The Peanut King at the Brass Monkey

The Great Western Hotel (now the Brass Monkey) was designed in 1896 by Michael Cavanagh, who had arrived in Perth from Adelaide only the year before. 282 more words


Brass Monkey Mission (Near) Impossible

Brass Monkey Biv, on the Lewis Pass tops, is accessible via Nina Hut, Lucretia Hut, Rough Creek or the Lewis Pass tops. Apparently. I spent six months coming up with four ways that Brass Monkey Biv is not so accessible. 408 more words


A note to my mother: the ocean is cold

In an earlier post concerning my winter swim in the ocean, I mentioned that the water was somewhat chilly but that the swim was glorious. Of course, I used some poetic license to emphasise the water’s temperature. 83 more words


Kelly's 'Brass Monkey' Beer

First off this is not a beer. This is a ‘Brass Monkey’ cocktail which I shook the bejesus out of until, when poured, it had a frothy beer-like head and an amber hue, hence Brass Monkey Beer. 109 more words