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Debate on separation of religion and state in Arab.

By Syed Hassan Raza Shah

(Note: The italic things are added by me for understanding of the audience. Those texts are totally different and separate from these.) 3,873 more words


Islam and Secularism

By Syed Hassan Raza Shah

Islam says: La Ikraha Fiddeen (Al-Baqarah 2:256)
Deen k muamlay main koi Jabr nahi.
There shall be no compulsion in of religion. 1,913 more words


We just need Khilafat e Rashidah!

By Syed Hassan Raza Shah

We just need Khilafat e Rashidah!

A Mutaharrik Shura (as in Khilafat-e-Rashidah) consisting of patriotic Technocrats appointed by Khalifah.

The Khalifah should be C-in-C of army as it was in Khilafat e Rashidah. 1,263 more words

Allama Iqbal

United States of Islam| ریاست ہائے متحدہ اسلام

By Syed Hassan Raza Shah

Why are called 3rd World Country? We are still developing. Why can’t we travel from one country to another without any visa and several other papers? 3,843 more words


Ajax Ronald Robinson: Playing Selfish With the Bony Calf

Submitted by HIMILTON A. HILL

As a crop-over junkie this time of year normally represents for me a period of revelry, for by any and all means necessary I will contract the infection of festival fever.  367 more words


5 Must Visit Stores in Chennai

I love shopping and have to buy something from every place that I visit. Hence my trip to Chennai was no different. While Chennai was always known for its traditional sarees and gold ornaments, there is now a lot more to it’s shopping than just that. 606 more words


The nuclear threat in South Asia Part II: The historical context

So… back to India and Pakistan. Time for a quick history lesson:

Between independence from Britain in 1947 and overt nuclearisation of the region in 1998, India and Pakistan have come to blows many times. 2,246 more words

Nuclear Stability