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Toning Brassy Hair

If you have hard water like I do then you might know it’s effect on your hair. Not only does it leave build up on your scalp and dry your hair out, it can also turn your colored hair a brassy orange shade. 152 more words

Brass Be Gone!

Before and after – the only for sure way to get rid of brassy hair is to sit yourself in the chair of a professional! 6 more words


The $6 Secret to Getting Rid of Brassy Hair: Food Coloring and Vinegar

I’m a brunette who started coloring her hair in eighth grade—a semipermanent potion that imparted a quintessentially late-’90s auburn tint that I applied in my friend Elisabetta’s Upper East Side bathroom—and since have experimented with almost every shade in the book, at least those that could conceivably be God-given: black, … 672 more words


Platinum Haircare

One wash. AG Haircare, Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo. $18 for 10 oz. From brassy blonde to icy blonde, at home. Left on hair for five minutes. 78 more words

Ash Blonde

Why Your Hair is Turning Brassy—and How to Make It Stop

Virgin hair is kind of overrated these days—most women know they weren’t necessarily born with the exact shade that looks best on them—but colored hair definitely comes with its own set of challenges. 622 more words


How to Keep Beach Blonde Hair from Going Brassy

We’re of the mind that everyone should go blonde at least once in their lives. Blondes don’t necessarily have more fun, but it is fun to go blonde, that’s for sure. 527 more words