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Turning Point Gratitude Project Course Outline & Registration Forms

We are less than a week away from the first session of the Turning Point Gratitude Project Ecological Design Course. The first session begins at 8 a.m. 359 more words

In Plain Sight

Young master of camouflage, a crayfish holds motionless  in a riverside pool.



Nodding clusters of choke cherry (Prunus virginiana) are brightening the hedgerows of May.


American Beech

…Known to the Western Abenaki quite simply as the mountain tree: wajoimizi, from wajo (mountain) + i (connector) + mizi (tree). The moist, well-drained slopes of eastern North America are where you will find the American Beech, an unmistakably familiar inhabitant of the forest. 495 more words


Arnold the human doll

Is there such a thing as being so handsome you’re almost too pretty? I think Arnold, the 1930s university student from Brattleboro, Vermont managed just that. 10 more words


Arrow Hill

On a mountaintop in Surry, New Hampshire, above the Ashuelot River, a large flat boulder sits in a clearing. Pecked and hammered into the surface of the stone is the image of a curved bow, with the bowstring drawn back into a sharp V and a three-feathered arrow, aiming southeast.

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