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We do fit perfectly

I have been sick, still. I’m no longer a patient, patient. I hate being stuck in bed, no energy, no fun. Ok a little fun! I did get to see Daddy and play with Him! 742 more words

The Way of the World For Millennials

PuckermobSo, as millennials some common stereotypes are “privileged” “entitled” “bratty” “whiny” and the list goes on and on. Sure, some college grads would rather sit at home and play videogames/look for jobs while living under their parents roof. 496 more words


Never give up, never surrender

This day has had it good parts, and some bad moments. The bad moments , well one got the best of me. I finally reached out to Daddy, I couldn’t take one more minute. 749 more words

Before Putin’s UN Revelation, Light Neocons Stab and Snarl

From New Eastern Outlook, by Phil Butler, Oct 2015

America is blessed in so many ways.  Why look at our Council on Foreign Relations as one shining example. 1,364 more words


Been trying to do art today, but just not happy with any of it. Oh well.

Not sure how to ground from these sensations. They are getting stronger, but I’m not sure what’s the trigger. 199 more words

Im a spoiled brat!!

Daddy’s fault! He put me on task today, so the babygirl in me says, ‘ lets drive Daddy crazy,

Like He’s doing to me’ so i am! 24 more words