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Good To Know

If this is true…

And it has to be true because I read it on the Internet, and they can’t put it on the Internet if it isn’t true… 13 more words


Don't Judge

Is it just me or is the Trivago guy kinda hot?

I saw a new commercial tonight during the national news in which Trivago dude asked if I’d ever wanted to get lucky in a hotel room.  28 more words



On my previous blog, Post-Grad Purgatory, I wrote a post about going on my first “big girl” interview. It was written almost two years ago. 328 more words



We had a big scare yesterday. Sir wasn’t feeling well so he called in sick to work and went to the doctor. Based on his irregular EKG, he was sent to the hospital. 203 more words


Jealousy .... *sigh*

I think sometimes I think too much.
Yesterday we got a new dog, and I love her so much. she is the most adorable little love muffin I have ever held (aside from my kids, of course!) 171 more words

Daddy Dom

Dear Daddy......*a letter to my DD*

Dear Daddy,
I know today has been hard, I wish I could do something to fix all this.
I wish there was something I could do to make all this go away. 384 more words

Daddy Dom

AND... I'm back

How did I clean? Very fast, and hardly at all lol!!

I started picking up papers in the living room, went into the kitchen, and as soon as I got a few dishes done, I heard Him go to the bathroom. 147 more words

Daddy Dom