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Because I'm Awesome, #1211

From the title of this blog today, you might all be thinking that I’m a total ego maniac.  Well it’s not true, friends.  I’m as self conscious as a person can get, but today I must declare to all of you that I am deserving of a damn medal. 176 more words

Songs Of The Day

Just Because I'm A Submissive...

Doesn’t mean I’m your submissive. Word!


Babygirl's rules

Today, i decided to take over! Daddy is busy, figure i shall change a few things!

Lets start with the rules:
1. babygirl can do whatever she wants, when she wants, at all times. 89 more words

Daddys brat

He only allows very little brattiness to remain now, but before i submitted to Him, the brat in me needed to push Him to His limit. 557 more words

What Daddy said, what babygirl heard...

As i was talking to Daddy this morning, i realized that when i hear an order , my mind immediately wants to figure out how to get my way. 438 more words

Good To Know

If this is true…

And it has to be true because I read it on the Internet, and they can’t put it on the Internet if it isn’t true… 13 more words


Don't Judge

Is it just me or is the Trivago guy kinda hot?

I saw a new commercial tonight during the national news in which Trivago dude asked if I’d ever wanted to get lucky in a hotel room.  28 more words