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I love my Daddy

I feel better today! I got to see my Daddy yesterday and today. He checks on me, cares for me. Tonight we watched a movie and I got to lay in His arms. 343 more words

Good luck Daddy!

As Daddy knows, and fully aware of, I’m a brat! I also like to find ways to be playful and those can be risky. As I know that Daddy drew His line on concrete, but I draw mine in sand. 801 more words

Teaching Moment

My Master likes to teach me new skills. It’s part of his love of taking control and partly because it helps change me further. No point just changing my body and leaving my mind the same after all. 395 more words



​Funny things labels, we seem to be obsessed with putting everything into little, teeny, tiny boxes.
It’s a form of judgment really, when you think about it. 993 more words

Little Bit the Bratty Jack Russell

My next post is all about dogs-or more specifically,my dog. I have a bratty little jack russell terrier named, “Little Bit.” I say he’s bratty because…well? 637 more words


Til the world just goes away...

This describes my mood today perfectly. It’s been a crappy few weeks, right in a row. I used to have a lot on my plate, so I traded it in for a god damn platter. 187 more words

We do fit perfectly

I have been sick, still. I’m no longer a patient, patient. I hate being stuck in bed, no energy, no fun. Ok a little fun! I did get to see Daddy and play with Him! 742 more words