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Burgeon: (v) to grow or increase rapidly; flourish.

If you don’t learn the tricks, you’ll get fooled at the circus.

Life is a carnival.

Actually, it’s a “carnival of errors” which are overly promoted, while great ideas which need time to simmer in the pot are thrown out with the… 185 more words

B Words

I Caused a Stir …

I didn’t mean to – I was just asking questions on a chat board –  talking out loud, working through the process … But stuff got weird (picture THE most opinionated gathering of ER… 136 more words

Fused Glass

I love my memes

I really do love memes, they just say what I can’t say, or when I can’t find the right words the meme does. It’s like someone just gets it. 282 more words

So You Want To Cum?

All my years of being submissive to my partner have enlightened me, pushed me and made my mind incredibly sadistic. I’ve been plugged, electrocuted, humiliated and triple teamed by my husband and his friends. 1,857 more words


It's Not Easy Being Green

      So I overhead the Mamma talking to people this summer and she referred to me as being “Green Broke”.  Those are two things I am most certainly NOT!!!!   512 more words

The Miss Adventures Of Miss Bratty Pants


Snowflakes are delicate and fragile creations. While each of them is unique, if you touch them with your hand, they melt. They can be blown easily by the wind, changing directions based on the forces that surround them, the forces that are stronger than they are. 790 more words

Day 342: Draggin

Hello wild ones!! I’m back at work tonight…bleh. After being gone for 5 days I really did not want to come back and wish I had the guts to turn in a vacation request form and demand that I be allowed to take an actual vacation. 208 more words