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Hello Peeps!

I have rewritten this blog multiple times now, every time I write it, I read it and then just delete the entire post, maybe because this is very close to my heart. 1,948 more words


When Things Get Rough: HOW DO YOU LIVE BRAVELY?

This question is really difficult to answer especially if you are in a very bad situation.

Like you are already drowning or your world is just falling apart and that, all you can do is just cry like baby over spilled milk. 223 more words

Heiress Diary

Be Bold, Be Brave

My hand shook as I climbed the ladder to the platform above. I knew that once there, the five of us would be told to jump. 565 more words


Little Spaces

Gentle Reader,

Like any other writer, I dream of book tours and lecture circuits, but the actual reality of those things is far beyond my comfort zone. 173 more words


What Are You Waiting For?

This year, I will be one of the writers for the Bible Journal, an online project to read the Bible, chapter by chapter, journal, and share some of my entries. 895 more words


What doesnt kill you makes you stronger!

LIFE! Just these four letters sum up your whole journey on earth. Today i’ll share my thoughts on human strengths that become the greatest weakness or weaknesses that build the greatest strengths. 809 more words

326/365 // hope + resolution //

find your brave,
step up, and
take your place
in the arena;
the only certain thing
is you will fall

you must rise again… 13 more words