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Truly Dauntless

Braveheart. Courageous. Gallant. Lionheart.

As I write these words, there is an image of brave people with muscular arms and scowling faces that may come to your mind. 438 more words

William Wallace (the real one)

While William Wallace wasn’t an Australian in blue face paint shouting “FREEDOM!” in an historically dubious surrounding, he was nevertheless a real warrior who fought for Scottish independence in the late thirteen century. 3,033 more words


Free at Heart

What do you want?

The future can be terrifying. What’s even more terrifying sometimes is being asked what you want in the future. What do you mean, what do I want?? 917 more words

Braveheart: Robert the Bruce

Scottish Braveheart: Robert the Bruce

With little to go on, we won’t be doing King Robert’s chart though we must admit it would be fascination.  Instead in the spirit of rectifying history, on the left is the traditional depiction of  the Scottish Sovereign. 29 more words


Be Brave: Special Events for Kids

One of the original goals for Real Life Church at its founding was to provide excellent children’s programming. Half of the Cascade Park neighborhood where we’re located is under age 18, so it made sense to have something great for those kids if we wanted to be true community for them and their families! 225 more words

Real Families

The Top 3 Movies That Have Impacted My Life

The Top 3 Movies That Have Impacted My Life

Movies speak to me very deeply; in a way my wife doesn’t really understand.
When I’m watching a movie I’m not just using my eyes and ears, all of me is involved in the total experience the movie is offering. 660 more words
Christian Doctrine & Lifestyle

Braveheart: "They may take our lives, but they'll never take... our freedom!" Quote Off Extravaganza

Braveheart is a 1995 film famous for its chronic lack of historical accuracy. Mel Gibson starred in, and directed, this gruesome tale of Scottish people battling with axes and chopping up those bloody Brits. 642 more words