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The Hell-Gate of Soissons by Herbert Kaufman

“In the Year of our Lord 1314, patriots of Scotland – starving and outnumbered – charged the fields of Bannockburn. They fought like warrior poets; they fought like Scotsmen, and won their freedom.”

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Why There’s No Such Thing as an Historically-Accurate Movie, part 2

Last time I laid out an argument that there is no such thing as an historically accurate movie because film requires far too many concessions to literary devices such as plot and narrative and main characters. 1,246 more words


Actors Recalling Their Best Rolls

Actors play lots of character over their careers but sometimes, one is SO memorable that they are immediately identified with it.  Here is a great set of photos where some of Hollywood’s most famous actors recall their most memorable characters.


Here I am!

So I finally arrived in Glasgow (I actually arrived around 4 p.m.)!
I had to take the airport shuttle to the city centre (I recommend you to buy an open return for £9. 157 more words

Scotland & The Jacobite Rebellion.

Along with most of the world my fascination with Scotland began when I was 15 and watched Braveheart for the first time in 1993. Little did I know, at the time, just how much Hollywood fabricated the William Wallace story but none the less I was hooked. 27 more words