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In 1329, the Bruce lay on his deathbed. Sir James Douglas, his closest friend and lieutenant, was present at his bedside one evening when Bruce asked that the knight take his heart on crusade against the enemies of Christ, so as to fulfill an oath the Bruce had sworn, but was obviously now no longer able to fulfill, Sir James agreed to do so. 822 more words


"A History of the English Monarchy" Book Tour and Giveaway

Today The Freelance History Writer is pleased to present a guest article by Gareth Russell. Gareth is an historian and writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He studied Modern History at the University of Oxford and completed a postgraduate in medieval history at Queen’s University, Belfast. 1,690 more words

Medieval History

As promised!

I did a poll in my group and asked what story I should update next, seems Braveheart won!


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Realize the Destiny

You already are

Not what the world

Wants you to be

Dig in deeper

And run through

The vacant tunnels

There’s a parallel world

That exists within… 60 more words


How To Avoid Looking Like An Idiot In Scotland

There are a few need-to-knows you should know about the eccentric Scottish people, their mannerisms & their culture. Well known for the Lochness monster and Braveheart – we go deeper into Scotland and how you can prevent making a fool of yourself when visiting. 279 more words


Wake Up India! - One Rank One Pension

I did not think I would ever be blogging about political issues, but I couldn’t resist this one. My Mother wrote beautifully about the issue of One Rank One Pension in India and I want to share it with the world – 282 more words