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Blooming Props

Keir writes – Most of the things we made started out life as manufactured items, whether by hand or machine. Some were much more difficult to make than others, but all had the hand of man in their making. 1,225 more words

What's Mel Gibson Yelling About?

Freedom is something that we all say we’re for, yet few of us bother to do the hard work of understanding what that word actually means. 1,815 more words


In search of freedom ... from Mel Gibson

The draw for the qualifying stages of the 2018 World Cup took was conducted while I was asleep. To be honest, I’d forgotten that it was even taking place last weekend. 489 more words

Vaya Danzantes!!!

Para las Fiestas de San Lorenzo 2015 he diseñado la camiseta “Vaya Danzantes” para Chiquilindongui. El diseño ha sido realizado para dos colores de camisetas, blanco y verde. 7 more words


Pencil Drawing of Mel Gibson in Braveheart

My drawing of Mel Gibson as Willam Wallace. Yeah, I know people have already used the same reference photo to make their drawings many times, but I wanted to make an even more detailed and realistic one. 214 more words


I Am A Killer of Scorpions.

OMG OMG OMG. I was paid to write something. Cash money! For the very first time. I will now have a celebratory parade around my house with streamers that will take up most of my earnings.   39 more words