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10/10 on a difficult course!

This morning was one of those we-have-come-so-far walks.

Whenever we have to go around a blind corner, I call Spencer to my side, prepare a treat just in case, try to peer through fences and bushes and prepare to react if we are surprised by someone. 483 more words


Words written, words said
Meaningful words or so you say
Words meant to make me happy,
Still just words;
Carried by the wind
Drowned by the sea… 144 more words


Regret Free Living

On the road to life we can get caught up in the to do list or we can organize our time to care for what’s most important for the long run. 59 more words


no pity

Embezzle the universe,
steal everything it has of worth,
suck the juices from the rind,
make love to its ghosts
then the friends of those ghosts… 187 more words


Travelling alone: a gift to your self

Travelling in its self is an incredible experience, but travelling alone is a gift to yourself that should be received as often as possible. If you really despise travelling alone you should atleast travel with someone who has the same expectations when it comes to travelling, so that you can push each other to leave your comfortzone. 398 more words


Hello World!

Here I am…entering the blogosphere. To be honest, I’ve wrestled a bit with the purpose of creating a blog. The last thing I want to do is to contribute to the vast word vomit that seems to abound on the interwebs. 274 more words



They march against
the raging tempest;
unimpeded by the rage of
their concerns about death
was nothing but,only mere.

Mistake them not for
the faint heart, 129 more words