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The Monster Within


It’s hard to describe.

No who




or Why.

No direction.

No compass.

No guide.

To find true north,

On yourself

you must rely. 77 more words


Seas and Sails

Seas and sails
Skies and stars
Horizons afar
Our hearts adore
Break the routine
Explore the new
Fire in my soul
Fire for change
Take a flight… 20 more words

Daily Prompts

Be Bold, Be Brave

My hand shook as I climbed the ladder to the platform above. I knew that once there, the five of us would be told to jump. 565 more words


No one ever made a difference, by being the same as everyone else.

I have been back at university for exactly 2 weeks today. I came back from my Christmas holidays with the plan to work hard and succeed. 822 more words


You are Braver than You Think

Child loss is not the only devastating life circumstance that can make a person want to hide in bed.  

Every single day, broken hearts, broken bodies and limping spirits open their eyes to the dawn and choose to get up and get going. 54 more words



I love the word. It feels good, hopeful, concrete and optimistic.

I like the part of it that feels like a plan.

Feels like faith not force. 219 more words

Miscellaneous: unfinished thoughts

It’s the day of water today. I spent two or more hours this morning inadvertently spilling water all over the place. The water connection of our damaged and uninstalled dish water was leaking (a new one arrived this morning wohoo), I didn’t stop the water running from the water filter when pulling water from it and so on… Anyway… 1,420 more words