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Daily Quotes: Thursday thoughts

It’s more usual to say when the going gets tough, only the tough will get going. But I think there comes a time when there’s the need to have a change of direction. 93 more words

Motivational Corner

4 times I did something excruciating but I survived and I'm better for it

“There’s no way I can assure you that it won’t be completely traumatizing.”

These words were spoken to me by a professor I was working for my freshman year of college. 2,289 more words


National Poetry Month Poem #25: New Beginning?

I wanna pour my heart out to you

Tell you how I feel

Tell you what I want

Tell you let’s go for it

I know I’m not personality perfect… 129 more words

Looking To The Future

Looking to the Future, Leaving onlookers Behind,

Forgetting Vulnerabilities, Assuming they are Blind;

Caring nothing for Yesterday, Having no use for the Now,

Ignoring opinions of Others, Considering themselves Highbrow; 27 more words


A Small Tribute to a Good Kid

I write today in memory of a truly good human being named Brian. I write today in memory of a quiet and thoughtful young man – I think he only ever spoke about 100 words to me in the 6 years I knew him – but that beautiful brain of his was always working. 336 more words


Violet and the Big Pinch

Violet looked at her pink stuffed owl and petted its soft head.

“I’m scared it’s going to hurt,” she said.

“I know you feel scared,” Mom said, “but remember what we talked about at home?” 291 more words


Enormous Baby Steps & Faith

My children were quite different in their approaches to learning to walk as babies. My daughter did not try or want to walk until she was 16 months old. 218 more words