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Lost My Sparkle?

As life goes on and as I grow older, I have begun to worry that I have lost my sparkle. I didn’t realize when I was younger how very important it is for a woman to have her sparkle – an inner glow, an intense shine that defines your heart, your soul, your vitality. 459 more words


Skyward: The Story of female Pilots in WW11

Skyward: The Story of Female Pilots in WW11
Sally Deng
Flying Eye Books

Here’s a beautifully produced, exciting book, based on real events, telling of three young women, Hazel, Marlene and Lilya, who pursue their dreams to become pilots and, countering gender stereotypes, go on to fly for their countries – the USA, England and Russia, in the Second World War. 160 more words

Picture Books

I’m Still Learning How To Be Brave

I’m still learning how to be bold. I’m still learning to choose my truth over my need to be accepted. I’m still learning to be proud of my socially unaccepted beliefs and lifestyle. 529 more words


Troubles traveling far

When I first learned of Ireland Troubles, I was reminded of all the “troubles” that happened in the USA, in regards to the Civil Rights Movement… 986 more words


the plans you have...

I feel like it’s ultra common to grow up with this ‘vision’ of how you want life to look like, the things you want to do, the martial status you plan to have and keep, children you dream of, places you want to see, etc etc. 614 more words



Her eyes shine with such a light

She is the envy of the stars

But she hides in the shadows

So that they cannot see her scars… 92 more words



We all have a lionheart,
Hidden where none can see;
Maybe if I start today
I’ll find it eventually.