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Counting Blessings.

Life is not always pretty and perfect and filled with fluffy, lovey easiness. Friends move away. Loved ones get sick. Grandparents grow old. People disappoint. Sometimes life changes in sucky, sucky ways. 949 more words

10 Way to Move Through Your Subconscious Fears

What are you so afraid of?

Pain, change, growth…

Fear can be problematic when you let it overwhelm you. When you allow fear to sit in the driver’s seat you are living in the false belief that you are avoiding the inevitable discomfort that comes with journeying into the unknown realms of your heart and soul. 940 more words

Comfort Zone

Sky Sports uses 'bravery' as metric to compare two Arsenal players

The great statistical wars in the sport of baseball are largely over now. There are still skirmishes here and there, some manager might make some comment about “those geeks can’t measure heart” every once in a while, but for the most part, the scores are settled. 18 more words

You shall stand

Upon the day I perish and breath my last

hold close what you have learned

please never stop seeking

passionately remember

stand tall and brave

I Don't Want It Straight

“Good hair means curls and waves. Bad hair means you look like a slave. At tbe turn of the century, it is time for us to redefine who we be.” – India Arie…

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Dive Within

​You know, there are a string of funny things in this life that make us feel as if we have got everything figured out in the colored glass we look through. 319 more words