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The Age of Fearless

In my pre-school years, my Daddy was into flying. He had to fly quite a few hours to keep up his pilot’s license and I spent many a weekend flying around the skies with him. 547 more words


Standing up to the Bogeyman

Many of us are told as a child that there is a bogeyman, or monster, under the bed and to this day, I still struggle to let my feet hang off the bed during the night – lest some menacing creature tries to drag me to its lair. 216 more words

Running To Her

Love has a dangerous effect on everyone; no-one can escape it. Whether you admit it or not, whether you embrace or hide from it; love is truly the most potent of all emotions. 4,874 more words


Anatomical Hearts

I gifted my family with a not so traditional  charm to represent our bond.  Each is a hand cast anatomical heart with our initials stamped on surface made by a really awesome jewelry designer from Brooklyn.    79 more words


Two Weeks' Notice

I did something, today, that was either very brave or very stupid.

I put in two weeks’ notice at my job.  I do not have another one lined up (though I do have an interview tomorrow). 713 more words

Life Is More Like Take-Out...

I started writing this from a hotel restaurant that overlooks the city, after a week could easily be classified as one of the most exhausting of my life. 950 more words

It Starts With An Idea

What if dreams were ideas that we have not allowed ourselves to fully explore?  What if they are our subconscious saying “Hey, pay attention to me?”  Some of my best ideas have come to me in the state between still asleep and starting to sense the reality of my surroundings. 320 more words