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BE BRAVE...Artists Trading Card (ATC)

I love to make these Trading Cards.  They are a lot of fun.



They march against
the raging tempest;
unimpeded by the rage of
their concerns about death
was nothing but,only mere.

Mistake them not for
the faint heart, 129 more words

My Sunday struggle

I really don’t want to write this post, but at the same time, I know I should. Of course, I journal and share all of my myriad problems there, but something about making public, the things I deal with daily, helps me feel genuine and honest. 454 more words

1 in 3

Violence is something that we will all either experience or witness. It is something that happens so often yet is so overlooked. The other day I heard a statistic that said one in three women have experienced domestic violence. 478 more words


Bravery is taking an uncomfortable step ahead, no matter how little.


Bravery Means

Violently reacting to things be it physically or emotionally could never be a basis of a person’s bravery. In fact, it’s a total opposite of being brave and a living proof of cowardly choosing to close the doors of cowardly choosing to close the doors choosing to close the doors of greatness towards becoming the supposed to be better you. 10 more words

A Traveler's Note