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Beatitudes. Bravery. Beauty


Beatitudes simply means “supreme blessedness”.  An underlying meaning of the beatitudes is the promise of salvation in the afterlife but also peace in the midst of our tribulations and trials on earth. 637 more words


Be Strong and Courageous in 2017

There is no time for fear if you are planning on achieving the goals you have set for yourself this year to become a reality. … 672 more words



This morning at work I shared a blog post from Daryl Kinney, an upper level rider who trains with Denny Emerson. I don’t know Daryl personally, but her online presence makes her seem so workmanlike and humble, not to mention a damn good rider, so I think we’d get along pretty well. 336 more words


Rollercoaster or Merry Go Round? Which would you choose?

Last week I had a different sort of week. I didn’t do any of my normal duties or routines. I didn’t go into the school where I work supporting readers each week, I didn’t cook everyone’s tea back at home each night, and I didn’t even put out the crazy mess that is the recycling each morning. 698 more words


Dear Actors, Singers, Celebrities ... I Am Sorry

(another cross-post)

I found these two lovely posts on my Facebook newsfeed a few times over the past few weeks:

Aren’t you glad you wanted to be famous? 583 more words

Tonight is different

I know it’s ending.

I can feel the last chapter closing in right now.

Every day that passes is another page turned.

Your scent, tonight, it’s stronger than other nights. 81 more words