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Okay so as many of you have seen I am a big reality tv show person and I mean it has got to be the worst thing to hit television in years.   378 more words


Psychic Melbourne ‘Real Housewife’ Totally Predicted Show’s Success

Rich housewives viciously fighting with each other in the name of reality television might seem like a uniquely American phenomenon. But on the other side of the world—Melbourne, to be exact—it’s happening, too, only the women have names like “Chyka” and “Pettifleur,” and one is said to have real psychic powers. 1,150 more words

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- "Amster-Damn!"

As you recall, last week we left off with the ladies arriving in Yo’s home country and immediately giving Americans a bad name. Although I would like to tell you that they shaped up and did ‘Murica proud, unfortunately I cannot. 1,721 more words


HumongousLipsLisaRinna's BravoBlog: loves, Loves, LOVES Loada... Not So Much KimR

NOTE:   While awaiting HagfaceKyle and Kim’s BravoBlogs, found HumongousLipsLisa’s BravoBlog.  After reading, there is one question:  Could HumongousLipsLisa be any more up Loada’s LymeFace *ss??  Perhaps Harry needs a job and could use one of KingD’s connections?? 1,002 more words


SH EXCLUSIVE! KingD Rushed To ER After Nightmare!

KingD dreamt that Loada got every one of his beloved Grammys in a divorce settlement!  

Downgraded and financially devastated, KingD was forced to work with “vocalists” Missy and Wretched!!   A NIGHTMARE!!


Reality is Life & Motherhood! Brie Bythewood (@BrieBythewood) Dishes on Life After "Blood, Sweat, & Heels!"

Reality television can be one daunting and hellish experience. Cat fights, backstabbing, and the eternal effort we know as “the grind;” rear their ugly heads in this often overly dramatic television genre. 891 more words

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