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Mile 20 of the show

The last time we talked, I was feeling apprehension about the opening weekend of the musical. It wasn’t about stage fright or worrying about whether or not I knew my songs or lines. 671 more words


V-6 Biturbo with 1200 bhp in the near future?

The current (and possible new) engine manufacturers have met with the FIA and the FOM in Paris, in order to discuss the Formula 1 engines of the future (2021). 815 more words

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10 crazy F1 records you probably never knew

It’s a rather interesting topic, and we’ve decided to delve into the world of weird F1 stats. After doing this, we’ve made a list of weird and wonderful records that you probably didn’t know.  1,054 more words

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Fitting your workout in a busy schedule: treat it like a business

We’ve all been there. You wanted to go to the gym but your meeting ran late. Or maybe you packed your sneakers for that business trip hoping you’ll put them to use but they only end up taking space in your limited carry-on luggage. 944 more words


Being a fan can make you a better director. Just ask J.J.

Liberty made a bold statement of intent last night, removing Bernie Ecclestone – widely regarded as Mr.F1 – from a throne he had occupied for four decades. 312 more words

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You Can Eat From All The Food Groups And Still Be Healthy

It’s official (or at least I’m making it so). You absolutely should not be cutting food groups out of your diet in order to stay healthy.  679 more words

What You Need To Know About Travel Anxiety Amidst The Terror Attacks

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Tis the season for increased travel. Whether your recent promotion blessed you with the opportunity to take a holiday vacation this year, or you’re just heading to a relative’s house to eat, drink, and be merry, millions of people will be hitting the airports this season. 845 more words