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Handled by Brawn-Brawn Tribe Cast Assessment

On Survivor the Brawn are the front runners of winning the competition because the can win their way to victory. Today I will assess the Brawn tribe and predict how they will do in the game. 347 more words

Cast Assessment


Here’s how it works. I’ll go through each of the three tribes on the upcoming Kaôh Rōng season and give each castaway my own First Impression. 1,066 more words

Koah Rong

Learning How Strong You Already Are

Overcoming difficult life experiences is an obvious defense against future difficult life experiences.

Another, more proactive, defense is to just go pick up heavy ‘ish and get strong. 479 more words


You Can Get Healthier Without Getting Up!

Time. It’s the biggest obstacle we have to living a healthy life. We don’t have time to find a healthy recipe. We don’t have time to go to a fitness class. 396 more words

Headspace: The Strong Woman's Secret Weapon

While many people think brawn is about mainly physical prowess, I always like to take a step back and appreciate emotional strength as well. I think the stigma surrounding mental illness in America is pretty discouraging, and a lot of women these days avoid talking about the way they feel for fear of looking weak. 429 more words

Casting Direction - Brains, Brawn, Beauty - Can I suggest a forth tribe???

So, as we prepare to watch the coming Brains, Brawn, Beauty season of Survivor, I thought it appropriate to provide the casting department with a little help.  251 more words

Button Predicts No Change

By Lawrence Barretto – Autosport

Jenson Button believes the decision to offer greater freedom for tyre choice in 2016 will make little difference because Formula 1 teams will ultimately converge on the same options. 180 more words