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Le fromage de tête

Come to me, my bristly lovely
cheeks shaved to smooth
for smooching

Skin soaked and bathed aromatic
tongue skinned to soft
my tenderest

Tickle-teasing mouth serrated… 26 more words


Brawn is something which I don’t think is very popular any more, but which I remember from my childhood. As I remember it, and I looked it, it was cooked pork in a flavoursome gel, but not too much gel, just enough to hold it together. 205 more words


Who Would Win If These DC And Marvel Villains Fought Each Other?

You be the judge.

Rules: If the two villains in each pair were to battle, who would be victorious? It's a battle of brains, brawn, and strategy — not popularity. 16 more words


Vampire porcelain. 

He wore a shirt that matched his eyes,

Sapphire crystals he can’t disguise.

Vampire porcelain, chiseled brawn,

Souls entwined, dusk till dawn.


Finding My Fit

At almost every age in my life, I’ve had a yearning to be active. Whether it was conquering the kiddie pool at age tw or playing every sport during every season in my middle and high school years, I’ve always liked to keep moving. 798 more words


Me, My Coffee and the Sapiosexual Man!

On a lazy Sunday morning I happened to come across an article that caught my attention it was about a word ‘Sapiosexual‘.  Sapiosexuals as people  are defined by one major characteristic, they find the… 541 more words