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Labor - What to Expect

Everyone’s labor stories are different. During my first pregnancy I wanted to know all of the possibilities. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I felt that if I knew what could potentially happen, I’d be more prepared. 1,686 more words


27 Week Check In

Four weeks ago I did a little pregnancy check in, and here is another one!

I can hardly believe I only have about 12 weeks to go before the little Girl Merzlak is here… give or take a week or two – as pregnancies go!!   1,056 more words

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Braxton, Braxton, what a hick!

(39 weeks pregnant)

Around 6 months pregnant I started experiencing pretty intense Braxton Hicks (contractions that are basically for practice purposes only). Towards the end of my pregnancy, around 35 weeks, my sciatica was so horrible that I could barely walk and the Braxton Hicks were so frequent, I wasn’t able to work. 494 more words

Pregnancy Stories

The Waiting Game

I obviously haven’t written in a long time, but I kept putting it off. I was going to update after my doctor’s appointments, since that was when I had the most new information, but then it seemed like it kept getting away from me. 468 more words

Surrogate Journey

Oh Hello Third Trimester!

Well we certainly are offiially past the second trimester and into the third at 32 weeks! The cute baby kicks are replaced by cute baby rolls since baby is slowly running out of space – let me assure you it doesn’t hurt, just feels… different. 776 more words


What's happening to my body?

December 16, 2015
Sore boobs, Braxton Hicks, mucus plugs, hemorrhoids, kegels, tendinitis??? No I’m not an old lady, I’m the ripe young age of thirty. … 559 more words


Surviving the 3rd Trimester

You’ve reached the home stretch. If you’re Type A like me, the baby’s room is probably set up and organized, your hospital bags are packed, and the car seats are installed and ready to go. 857 more words