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Is it time for Baby?? (What Braxton Hicks are telling you)

Today was the surprise of surprise! Feeling that feeling I haven’t felt in so long, something I almost forgot about entirely…okay ladies, you know what I mean… that low contracting period like pain. 463 more words


We are Back!

It’s been a month since I last updated this space in fact I took the extreme measure to privatize every single social media I have. But then it dawn to me, the purpose of this blog is to mark my pregnancy journey. 1,949 more words

Bumping Baby

With just two days until we hit that 39 week mark, I can finally say that we are ready. The last two weeks have been busy ones. 1,788 more words

Lesbian Moms

An Eventful Week 34

             Today is my last day being 34 weeks pregnant with King and I first child. This has been an eventful pregnant week. A couple nights ago I woke up feeling pains in my lower stomach and my lower back. 244 more words

False labor is a bitch 

Started having contractions kind of regularly. We were driving. We were fighting. BAM contractions. They came inconsistently every 5-7 minutes. Not exactly painful but intense tightening. 48 more words

Braxton Hicks

baby #2 - 20 weeks

Late again… this is from last week:

This week was full of highs and lows. It was a very emotional week for me as I struggled with a personal issue that has totally taken a toll on me. 489 more words


Week 37 Day 1

Yeah~~~! It’s week 37!! 1 more week to be officially full term!

Weighed 65.5kg this morning. I think it might be the water retention that caused the weight increase. 463 more words