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Of Trials and Tribulations: Third Trimester

Call me Lemony Snicket because this last trimester has been a series of unfortunate events.

I probably should’ve known better as my second trimester was fairly glorious. 940 more words


Getting Closer (Weeks 23-27)

Week 23
This week sees Ethan still not 100% as he can’t seem to get rid of his temperature without dosing up on Calpol. In between the meds he perks up and is generally ok, but as they start to wear off he gets hot and bothered again. 4,120 more words

37 weeks

I made it!  I’m officially pregnant longer than last time!  That’s a big relief and now when it happens I have one less worry.

I felt pretty good this weekend and so far this week.   432 more words


Slowing Down

After last week’s little scare, and some more random contractions, I have realized it’s time to slow down a bit. The honeymoon period of my pregnancy is over and now it is all about survival mode….Take it easy, know when to stop, don’t push myself too hard. 701 more words


32 Weeks & Baby Update

How Far Along? 32 weeks!

Total Weight Gain: I haven’t weighed myself this week, and am waiting for my next OB appointment on the 8th to see where I stand there. 577 more words


Damn you Braxton-Hicks!

Most pregnant women and women who’ve had kids already know what these dreaded Braxton-Hicks contractions are, but for the sake of hooking it up for those who don’t, like myself just a couple months ago, here’s what they are: “practice contractions”, “false labor”, mild contractions that are generally not painful, do not increase in intensity or duration or cause the body to actually go into labor or the cervix to dilate. 618 more words


35.5 weeks

I’m totally off on keeping track this pregnancy but all well :)  34-35 weeks I had a nice summer cold – lovely but it is clearing up now luckily.   443 more words

Bump Picture