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33 Weeks - Braxton Hicks Abound!...

I’m 33 weeks pregnant and about 7 weeks from meeting our little boy…or, if we’re going to be realistic about this, at least 4 weeks away from meeting him. 684 more words


Staircase Obsession and Weird Pains

I’m getting very bad about updating this pregnancy blog. I think it’s because I feel like nothing much is going on at the moment, but that’s not quite true. 1,271 more words

Pregnancy Second Trimester

34 Weeks and Braxton Hicks

Hi guys!

If you can’t see my featured image clearly, this is what it says…

You may feel occasional cramps in your belly. Dont worry. These are “braxton hicks” contractions, imaginary pain caused by an imaginary unicorn repeatedly stabbing you in your imaginary uterus.

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Soooooo after two days if cramping a trip to the hospital and a visit to my doctors we have discovered I am having Braxton Hicks contractions. 390 more words


Meeting Florence

The last blog post I wrote ended with ”Who knows..maybe tomorrow will be the day?”, and it turns out it was. On 16th June we finally got to meet our beautiful little girl, Florence Olivia Scarlett. 648 more words


Of Trials and Tribulations: Third Trimester

Call me Lemony Snicket because this last trimester has been a series of unfortunate events.

I probably should’ve known better as my second trimester was fairly glorious. 941 more words


Getting Closer (Weeks 23-27)

Week 23
This week sees Ethan still not 100% as he can’t seem to get rid of his temperature without dosing up on Calpol. In between the meds he perks up and is generally ok, but as they start to wear off he gets hot and bothered again. 4,120 more words