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Magical mom

“Becoming a mom is magical! It’s divine… It’s the most amazing feeling in the world.” Don’t know how many times I had heard that!

When I got to know I was expecting – I thought something will happen to me; I will change into this nice new person, holy and calm, getting ready for the divine, magical experience. 718 more words


33 Weeks

Just realized this morning that if baby 2 comes at 37 weeks (which is always a chance considering Alex did) – that would mean I have only 4 weeks left – holy cow!   103 more words


I've Been Pregnant for 39 Weeks and 5 Days

1 cm dilated, 70% effaced, weight gain at 31 lbs. I’m happy about the first two measurements, and I’m okay with the third. I just hope I don’t go another week and gain another 3 lbs… yeesh. 258 more words


30 weeks

Last Tuesday marked 30 weeks with this pregnancy – that means approx 7-10 weeks left to go most likely.  Wow that seems short when you spell it out.   230 more words


36 week checkup!

Well I made it to 36 weeks!! Woohoo!! My braxton hicks have finally eased up! Go figure! I still get them but not as frequent and sometimes not even for a couple of hours.   431 more words

Just over 4 weeks to go!


So, I meant to update yesterday but we got home pretty late from celebrating your Grandma L and Cousin C’s birthdays, so I sort of just went to bed instead. 617 more words


28 Weeks

The weeks seem to be flying by now. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday again. It’s going by too fast.

The past few days have been surprisingly pain-free until late at night. 714 more words