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30 weeks

Last Tuesday marked 30 weeks with this pregnancy – that means approx 7-10 weeks left to go most likely.  Wow that seems short when you spell it out.   230 more words


36 week checkup!

Well I made it to 36 weeks!! Woohoo!! My braxton hicks have finally eased up! Go figure! I still get them but not as frequent and sometimes not even for a couple of hours.   431 more words

Just over 4 weeks to go!


So, I meant to update yesterday but we got home pretty late from celebrating your Grandma L and Cousin C’s birthdays, so I sort of just went to bed instead. 617 more words


28 Weeks

The weeks seem to be flying by now. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday again. It’s going by too fast.

The past few days have been surprisingly pain-free until late at night. 714 more words


Almost to 38 Weeks

Still no changes in my cervix. Been “dilated” to a fingertip for the last three weeks, but I don’t think that even counts as being dilated. 203 more words


One day to term

Tomorrow we’re entering week 37, which means pregnancy will officially be carried to term. It’s one day to term, so I’m thinking I can safely say that we did it – we’ve reached another milestone. 411 more words


My labour & birth story - the first bit

In an ideal world (in my head) my birth was going to be in the water, very calm and relaxed. I wouldn’t have drug intervention, no, not required, thank you, and my labour would be very active. 1,094 more words

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