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St. Patrick's Day and Random Fun.

We celebrated St. Patrick’s day with a last minute craft.  We also researched Ireland culture a little.  We did some Irish step dancing (not me lol) and listened to Irish songs and learned some common Irish sayings.   302 more words

28 Weeks + 4 Days- Chez Sunnybrook

Not quite sure how I lucked out, but I’ve really got a nice place at the inn! I’m staying positive for the sake of the baby, and I know it’s only 4 days in, but things have been going really well. 1,354 more words


33.5 Weeks

First, an update on J. His cast came off yesterday and he is now walking freely in shoes! No boot or anything. The crazy thing to me is that his next follow up appointment is a month away and he isn’t doing any physical therapy at this point. 747 more words


Pregnancy Week 31 Update

YAY! Week 32 is here! Well, I guess now I’m technically in my 33rd week. All that matters is that I’m one week closer to meeting my beautiful baby girl! 1,901 more words


26 Weeks

I feel better and worse this week.  I am not so emotional, but I had a bit of a rough weekend with a lot of pressure and pain low in my belly, which freaked me out pretty badly.   650 more words

Mothers Day

I feel I have to apologise for this week’s post starting off a bit like a readers’ recipes page from Woman’s Own, but Saturday was quite a productive day baking and cooking wise. 419 more words

24 Weeks

Yesterday marked 24 weeks along for baby boo 2.  I just had my doctor appt this morning and while her heartbeat was high for a bit (160s) she calmed down after a bit (150s).   365 more words