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What even are you?

So earlier today I had a nice 2 hour contraction fest. They weren’t very strong but I could definitely feel them. They were consistent every 6-7 minutes. 231 more words

Baby M - 24 Weeks

Bump Analysis? Paul is in the arctic tundra of Milwaukee this week, so selfie it is! I’ve officially reached the point where strangers are sure I’m pregnant, and feel it is safe to ask me questions.   682 more words


Clear out

I spent a lot of Saturday trying to keep Scott out of the way as Billy has been working on project “clearing out the loft”. The loft is soon to become Scott’s Big Boy Bedroom so we need to get cracking. 618 more words

False alarm!!!

I’ve been having problems with my BP ever since I started my third trimester, I was usually told I have “borderline high BP”. My BP would range from 130-150 over 80-95. 509 more words


Bumpdate: Full Term part 1

Week 36 and 37…still growing!

Somehow 36 weeks pregnant has become 37 plus change. And while I know that Baby Girl will make her appearance in due time, everything is just kind of running together. 601 more words


False Labor is Real

Of all the cruel jokes the universe plays on pregnant women, prodromal labor has to be one of the worst. Basically, it consists of lots and lots of exhausting contractions that start and stop for  334 more words