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No Braxton Hicks Was I Robbed?

I had two babies. Big full term (more or less) babies.

I never experienced a Braxton Hicks ever, or pelvic pain, or piles or a mucus plug show, or even bloody morning sickness… I feel robbed. 82 more words

What are the signs of labour?

I am starting to think a lot about labour this week, in a different way to how I did when I was pregnant with my first. 803 more words



So today I realized that I’m going to give birth. To a live human. Out of my vagina.

Well, duh. Except not really because the fact of the matter is, up until recently, I’ve been struggling to tell gas from baby kicks (actually turned it into a game). 573 more words

Braxton Hicks vs True Labor Contractions

Every pregnant woman probably wonders about this at least a few times during their third trimester. Are these Braxton Hicks, or am I really going into labor??? 1,004 more words


Eating for Three (Part 1): My Twin Pregnancy Journey

Cramping my entire twin pregnancy journey into two posts.  As of scheduled posting time, it’s possible that I was no longer allowed to leave the hospital after perhaps my final check-up and ultrasound for this pregnancy. 4,296 more words

The Inbetweeny Phase: being ready to have the baby and having to wait for the arrival

This last week and a bit has been sort of hellish for me. I have been trying really hard to be positive because I don’t want to be the whinging pregnant lady. 1,226 more words


Week 21 - Day 5

Several updates in a row – cause things are happening! Last night in bed as I was about to fall asleep if felt my whole uterus turn rock hard, something that hasn’t happened before and that I couldn’t control It was a little bit uncomfortable and not scary but… unknown. 134 more words

Month 5