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Baby Hillin #2 | 21 Weeks

How Far Along: 21 Weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): banana.. or according to the Ovia app, a baseball cap

Gender: It’s a Boy! 804 more words


38 Weeks I Popped!!

Thursday (December 1st), my life was forever changed. I had just finished posting a blog and decided to do some easy/relaxing yoga. It was during yoga that I started getting bad cramps in my lower back. 801 more words



I feel like this week has dragged…

So, Monday I had my glucose test which I’m glad is a one off 😒 I arrived at 9am, registered at the desk and was told to take a seat. 606 more words

18 weeks 1 day and some tmis.

So I’ve managed to find some things I’m not so fond of it the second trimester! And they both revolve around sex…

For the last couple of weeks now, my nipples will leak when my boobs are squeezed… lovely. 176 more words

Braxton Hicks - the lowdown

In the past week I’ve been getting Braxton Hicks quite badly. It’s the norm at this stage but when I’m not being active enough, I can really feel it and sometimes it hurts like hell. 376 more words


34 Weeks

This morning felt like a full body workout just putting on my boots! It should not take so long to put on shoes. Perhaps I have to say goodbye to my heels until after the baby is born. 908 more words


Pregnancy Diary - 38 Weeks

Well hello October! This is the month that we get to finally meet our baby boy!

So I’ve been considered at ‘term’ for a week today and in that week I won’t lie, I have had several trips to co-op for reduced fresh pineapple chunks and spicy curry ready meals… My braxton hicks have continued to be strong and often, but never increasing or becoming regular enough to signal the real thing. 1,029 more words