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Midnight hospital visit

I sold my house a few days ago. Funny how stuff simply falls into place sometimes, just as easily as they sometimes fall out of place. 670 more words

Second Trimester Update

It’s kind of true when they say that the second trimester is like the honeymoon phase of the pregnancy. I feel like once I hit the fifth month of my pregnancy, I feel more energetic and happy; I want to keep moving and working which, unfortunately, leads me to often forget that I am pregnant. 1,122 more words


I didn't feel the contractions and was 4cm dilated

At 40 weeks and four days past my due date, I was getting very impatient for my baby to arrive. My first birth was almost a week early so I had expected this baby to arrive even sooner. 594 more words


The 30 week scare

From about 28 weeks I started feeling Braxton Hicks contractions. Sometimes they would come on quite strongly and would make it uncomfortable to walk so I would just lie down for a few minutes until they passed. 708 more words


The Loss of Dane (age 35) 💔, Part 2

Continued from The Loss of Dane, Part 1

Warning…this part is graphic…

The hours of the day ticked by and the pains grew worse and worse.   972 more words

Settling Down

Birth Story: Waiting on a Baby

As anyone who has been pregnant knows, those 9 months are full of many different emotions. Excitement. Worry. Joy. Anxiety. And just about any emotion you can imagine. 689 more words


My First False Alarm

I was roused from sleep a little past 3AM (Philippine time) with a bladder about to burst. As I struggle to get up from bed and reach the bathroom, a sharp pain radiated from the right side of my 34-week pregnant tummy. 227 more words

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