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What the heck are Braxton-Hicks Contractions?

These contractions can be a little worrisome for some women however they serve an important purpose; they are your uterine muscle “training” for delivery. You may feel these contractions about halfway through your pregnancy, however your uterus has been doing them for almost the whole time. 165 more words


Hello practice contractions! 

I got a bit of a wake-up call on Sunday night to take things a bit easier. I’d been hustling around the house in the evening getting ready for the week ahead and although I’d not done anything too intense in its own right, I had been going about for around 3 hours straight. 577 more words


Braxton Hicks or False Labor?

Today I’m 39wks, not exactly 39, + few days. I have been having contractions since last week, when I was 38wks and went to hospital. It’s depressing, I’m highly intolerant to pain so I’m really depressed!! 208 more words



I am 2 days away from my due date, and even though I was hoping she would come early, it seems she is keeping herself occupied in my uterus by cramming herself against everything she possibly can. 290 more words

Just Call Me April

Yesterday was the second time in two weeks that I went to the hospital.

At my weekly appointment , I told my MFM that I was having tightening/cramps off and on. 297 more words

May 2017

5 Things I Wasn't Warned About...

It’s been a pretty smooth pregnancy. This is week 39 and not a single complication, everything normal, on schedule. Although it is my first pregnancy, I thought I was prepared. 820 more words

Musings On Mommyhood

On Creativity, Callings, and...Childbirth?

Writing, drawing, creativity in general is a lot like having a baby. It’s a process.

You don’t just “sit down and write.” I don’t, anyway. 487 more words

Braxton Hicks