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Brazilian judge: therapists to help patients with unwanted gay attractions

A Brazilian judge has ruled psychologists are within their rights to help patients overcome unwanted same-sex attractions.Judge Waldemar Claudio de Carvalho issued the ruling last week. 214 more words


Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse Brazil Ferme Leolinda 75% 87/100

This bar is made using white forastero or ‘Catongo’ beans from the Bahia region of Brazil. Once harvested they’re shipped to Paris to the Manufacture de chocolat where Alain Ducasse and Nicolas Berger turn them into one of their chocolate bars. 625 more words

My First Weeks

Today has marked my 3rd week in Brazil, Rondonopolis and i love my new city. Getting here was a long flight, 2 days and 4 planes to be exact; i had my first ever plane ride that went from my home to Chicago, where i had a 7 hour layover… thankfully it wasn’t to boring because i meet 2 other exchange students along the way. 677 more words

The Last Frontier

The River of Doubt:Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey by Candice Millard is so well-written that I felt the author experienced the perilous journey through the Amazon jungle along with TR (Theodore Roosevelt)  and his fellow explorers. 87 more words

Glorious letting-go

I’m going to Fargo, North Dakota on September 29th to teach a free Zouk class.  They really need it there.  Truly a Zouk desert.   Some people might be thinking I’m not advanced enough but honestly… I am good enough for Fargo.   86 more words