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Inmates butchered during Brazil prison riot

Twenty-seven inmates were killed after a Brazilian prison riot broke out, adding to chaos in a penitentiary system in which some 140 inmates have died in gang warfare since the start of the year. 11 more words



Growing up in Miami, during my college year’s I easily maintained a 4,0-grade point average whenever. To pass tests, I imagined calmly strolling along South Beach in Miami Fl with the warm eighty-degree temperatures surrounding my body. 462 more words

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My Aquarium Inmates 1

I have a modest aquarium. Modest in size, much diminished in content. I had once stocked it with all kinds of fish – Asian barbs (Cyprinidae) and loaches (Botiidae), South American corydoras (Callichthyidae) and tetras (Characidae). 431 more words


Raduan Nassar, Back To The Land

On January 31st, 2017 New Directions Publishing is bringing this masterpiece, published originally in Brazil in 1984, to an English-reading audience for the first time: 1,177 more words


Young Addict

A twelve year old boy who couldn’t pay off what he owed to his drug dealer.

They smashed his face in with a rock.


Communist Revolution During Brazil's Military Dictatorship

.pdf available here: communist-revolution-brazils-12

Movements are a type of contentious collective action made when a network of individuals gather for a common purpose with common interests (common goal) organizes and mobilize to challenge opponents, elites, and authority. 5,096 more words


Water water everywhere: Our trip to Iguazu/Iguassu

Everything about Iguazu is wet. Really wet. You are always at least mildly moist through a mixture of sweat, mist, rain and humidity. The falls is split in to 2 sides, the Brazilian and the Argentinian side. 1,333 more words