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SMACK IN THE MIDDLE: Let the Games begin

MARKING the last 100 days to the opening of the 2016 Olympic Games, the torch was passed on to the Brazilian authorities in a handover ceremony held on Wednesday (April 27) in Athens, Greece. 86 more words

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Brazilian Police Arrest President Dilma Rousseff's Campaign Manager

Authorities in Brazil arrested President Dilma Rousseff’s campaign strategist on Thursday, after corruption charges were leveled against him by prosecutors.

João Santana is accused of helping divert funds from the government-run oil company Petrobras, a scandal to which more than 50 top Brazilian politicians have thus far been linked, the BBC reports. 50 more words

the killer's bitches have no clue

… but you just might. Want to know what’s been going on in Brazil? Listen — and/or read — to this music by mon frère… 149 more words



Endelig i Brasil. Vi har egentlig blitt ganske bleike etter over to uker med 10 grader, og håpet jo at vi skulle bli brune til vi kommer hjem – ti dager til vi er hjemme!! 286 more words

Brazil: Dilma – Don’t Let Go! Open Letter to President Dilma Rousseff. “A New Sort of ‘Coups’ is being Invented – Less blood, More fraud”

Dear President Rousseff,

Please do not let go! Don’t let the corrupt neoliberal right wing with the help – no, at the instigation of Washington steal your country – take away Brazil from the Brazilians, rip-off and destroy all you and Lula have achieved in the last 14 years, free education, health services, efficient and modern public transportation, a basic social safety net – a more equal society. 1,608 more words


One man museums

When you think of Brazil, images of beaches, jungle and samba come readily to mind, with art, history and museums way in the background. Yes, Brazil has great beaches, but also has hundreds of years of colonial history, and surprisingly for us, two spectacular art galleries. 392 more words

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Black Sun Rising 2: Chronicles of Akakor

By Jack Heart & Orage | Veterans Today

What can be verified began in 1972 in a sweltering bar in the city of Manaus. The isolated city adorns the jungles navel where the black swirling waters of the Rio Negro flow into the vast brown water of the Amazon. 1,599 more words

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