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Sun-kissed Cabelo Seco

Did I really publish the last post only six days ago?? It feels like weeks have gone by with the amount that has happened since then. 1,342 more words

Eu Sou Amazônia

“Em que parte do Brasil estamos?” “We are in what part of Brazil?” Dan chorused to the circle of 3rd grade students sitting in the auditorium of the José Mendonça Vergolino elementary school. 869 more words

3rd Solar Energy Workshop

On Sunday afternoon we held the third solar energy workshop in the Barracão. The main objective of the workshop was to brainstorm ways to sensitize Cabelo Seco and Marabá about solar energy during next week’s bike ride and the end of the year festival. 1,022 more words

Worldwide Solar Energy Movements

In an effort to provide some lighter, more optimistic reading, I’ve compiled some inspiring updates on recent solar energy developments around the world. The most noteworthy advancement with respect to our project is the Brazilian government’s move to invest around $1 billion into the solar energy industry on October 31st (they were undoubtedly under pressure to respond to the valuable debate and demands that arose from our solar energy meetings…). 951 more words

Assim não Vale

I step out into the cool night air to think. The full moon illuminates my path, providing light in place of the unlit streetlights that run along the portion of boardwalk entering Cabelo Seco. 805 more words

Planting Sunflower Seeds

What size is a solar panel and how much energy can it provide?

Would it be possible to build one solar panel that could support the entire community? 1,351 more words

But why solar?

The last post I published was written in a rush because I was trying to take advantage of the strong internet connection in Belém before my flight back to Marabá. 1,019 more words