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Pancakes for dinner

This trip to Brazil has slowed down my recipe posts, as I am not cooking as much as at home. But at my Instagram account ( 328 more words


Pão de Queijo Mineiro

It’s the texture, not the taste, that will give you pause with this bread.  Hot from the oven, when you break these small golden brown puffs open you’ll find a stretchy filling that is more tender than chewy and packed with cheesy goodness. 885 more words


DIY - Brazilian Coxinha

 When you get out of your comfort zone and go to live in another country, after a while, you start missing essential things that you could find easily back home. 604 more words

Brazilian Food

A Little Taste of South America

I’ve always wanted to visit South America, although to be completely honest, up until yesterday (when it was pointed out to me by my well traveled friends), I thought I had been to South America because I had been Mexico…that was a rude awakening, to the utter amusement of my friends and the hubby. 469 more words


Arroz e feijao- cheirinho Brasil


** Brazilian beans recipe without a pressure cooker **

Living abroad, and now living alone as a university student, means that I don’t always have the time or ingredients to cook my favourite Brazilian dishes.I love food, I especially love Brazilian food. 405 more words


Pao de Queijo in NYC!

If Queens weren’t a borough of New York City, it would be the most ethnically diverse city in the United States – and the nation’s fourth largest city in terms of population (interestingly, NYC would still top that list even without Queens). 169 more words


Brazilian Seafood Stew

This is a traditional Brazilian dish, known in Brazil as “Vatapa“. It is very popular along the coastal States specially the States of Bahia and Espírito Santo. 258 more words

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