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It started with Buzzfeed. No, really.

A few years ago, I went to a birthday party, and so did this extraverted, happy Brazilian boy. After a few sentences exchanged with the birthday girl – and the requisite photos as documentation – he came over to chat with me. 125 more words

A Cooking Video With No Recipe

A time-lapse of our favourite dish in the universe: MOQUECA, a Brazilian dish, native of the North East coast, Bahia, where Paula grew up.

Last week, we made an amazing but dangerous discovery: they sell Dendê oil, coconut milk, and farinha di mandioca in Castroni (on Via Cola di Rienzo) in Rome!


Brazilian Food Week - Homemade food festival brings together Brazilians around world

Ask any Brazilian living abroad what they miss most about their country and food will be in the top 5 list. No doubts about it. 442 more words


Caldo Verde to warm your soul

It’s been a week since we got back from Brazil, but it feels like two in terms of baby naps. Sleep training a second time has been rough on Cecilia and on me, but it can be done… right? 570 more words


pão de queijo to ring in the new year

On a personal level, my highlight for 2016 was successfully nurturing a tiny fragile human being into a happy and healthy little toddler. Her big siblings are doing alright, too, and Romas is still (hopefully happily) married to me, so all is great. 716 more words