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Brazilian Jujitsu II

I went to my third Brazilian Jujitsu class on Thursday.  I have my first slightly black eye, of which I feel clownishly proud.  I think I learned a head and arm choke which from my research after the class is also called Kata Gatame.   753 more words

Mental Health

Learning Trust in a Brazilian Jujitsu Class.

This blog is part therapy tonight.  I miss J and B.  We had a great time together in town today, and I’m not lonely, I just miss them.   412 more words

Mental Health

MMA Volleyball

The new recreational activity in Lillooet has got everyone talking.

It was started as an initiative between the Wednesday night boxing
club and Thursday drop in volleyball. 400 more words

How to choose a good drilling buddy.

We normally have that one buddy we are exited to see once they touch the mat, the ones you joke around with and you feel like you’re best buds in the world (in the mat…), however this doesn’t mean that you might be the best drilling buddies. 487 more words