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MMA Volleyball

The new recreational activity in Lillooet has got everyone talking.

It was started as an initiative between the Wednesday night boxing
club and Thursday drop in volleyball. 400 more words

How to choose a good drilling buddy.

We normally have that one buddy we are exited to see once they touch the mat, the ones you joke around with and you feel like you’re best buds in the world (in the mat…), however this doesn’t mean that you might be the best drilling buddies. 487 more words



Early bird tickets will be on sale soon! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!


Visiting bonebreakers headquarters.

​As I walk in to the gym for the first time I smell tones of sweat, pride and history.

We’ve all heard the stories that roam these hall’s, there’s a lot of rivality among gyms in Mexico City, maybe even more than any other of the places I’ve visited to train. 503 more words



Hey guys I know I’ve been out for a couple of weeks now and I apologize for that, life has been super busy Lately, but it’s not all bad news, I left my previous job to pursue my goal of teaching English so I can teach it abroad in the future and continue with my travels. 559 more words


Fight club starts in Middle School

Amnesia of middle school makes a lot of adults to forget that fight club starts right there. I think this fight was likely staged, but those two kids of future in that big time wrestling world, because man, this is a good one!