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Brazil after the coup, update — Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself: Brazil Gets An Unelectable President Amid Protests 17 May 2016 Boaventura de Sousa Santos says Brazilians should prepare for “shock therapy” under new president Michel Temer and his cabinet.

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Brazil’s Senate impeaches president Rousseff; trial ahead — KSNT News

Rousseff’s enraged backers called the move a coup d’etat and threatened wide-scale protests and strikes. Her foes, meanwhile, insisted that she had broken the law…

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Olympic flame arrives in Brazil (video) — OlympicTalk

“Brazil is ready to host the most successful Olympics in history,” Brazil’s embattled president said.

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The story of cities #15: the rise and ruin of Rio de Janeiro's first favela | Cities | The Guardian

Since it was first built by war veterans in 1897, Morro da Providência has become a complex symbol of poverty, violence and sentimentality, fetishised in popular culture. 33 more words


And after Dilma goes? — news and views

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff isn’t accused of participating in the Lava Jato scandal. There is zero evidence linking her to this. Instead, she is accused of allowing a misleading presentation of the budget deficit by including funds from state-owned banks.

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