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Dear diary.

What a day. I hit my 10k steps target for the day that’s for sure; Twycross zoo is immense. 60 more words


We're going away.

I will be back on Wednesday.

Bear and I are taking the BB3 & BB4 away for a few days to the National Forest. They don’t know it yet but we have booked to visit Twycross Zoo on Sunday which they will be hyped about as they have never been to a zoo before, the closest they get is the local animal park that has a few llama and kangaroo. 153 more words


Left to rot and to ruin.

By the river bank at Paull.

In response to #6WS Challenge.

If youre interested in photography and would like to join in the challenge, head on over to the link page and check out everyone elses entries too.

Happy Snapping. xx



Dear diary.

What a day.

I am so blessed to have my bears and mini bear in my life but by God they leave me exhausted. 81 more words


Never trust the Security Guard! A Max and Keef adventure.

Your Daily Word Prompt, Word of the Day Challenge, Ragtag Daily Prompt and August writing prompts. 15/8/19.

“Hey Max… Do you remember that one time we were casing that theatre?” whispered Keef as he crouched behind a wheelie bin, trying to stay out of sight. 997 more words


Mystery Blogger Award Nomination!!

I was gobsmacked and astonished to find out I had been nominated for this award by my new friend The Eclectic Contrarian.

He has been an almost constant source of encouragement since the beginning of our friendship and I cant thank him enough for this. 773 more words