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Be Right Back- Month 1

My sincerest apologies for my late post on BRB, month one. I was out of the country, but I’m back and excited to share my insights with you. 284 more words

Writers Block

Of course as soon as I make a promise to write more consistently, I hit a road block. But I don’t think it’s because I have nothing to say, but more, I have everything to say. 218 more words

apa sih maksudnya idk dan brb? (kepanjangan i.d.k dan brb)

Contoh conversation:

Stephan: Val, are you sure you want to go there? What the hell we gonna do? It’s obviously just junk!

Vallen: idk. I just wanna go.

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Guys, remember when I proposed? Well I’m getting married. Right now!

Well, right now, right EXACTLY now, as you read this? I’m already married. I’m already married! 21 more words