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Entry #27: Mai-HiME (SoA 2017)

(Recommended by not-so-plain pasta, completing her recommendation trifecta.)

Thoughts will be quick, mostly because there’s little to say.

Mai-HiME is one of those old-fashioned anime that go by a set of clichés to formulate their story and characters. 382 more words


Apa Itu Arti SMH

Mungkin kebanyakan dari kalian akan berpikir bahwa ini adalah postingan terkonyol sepanjang sejarah.

Siapa yang nggak tau SMH. . .? Ada di setiap kesempatan dan dimana-mana kok nggak ngerti. 227 more words


Quick Thoughts on Renai Boukun

It’s one of those shows. You know it the moment you see the cover. One of those shows where you look and immediately think, “This is gonna be pretty dumb.” That is the only context you need going in, because it will not leave you disappointed.  401 more words


Coppelia - Birmingham Royal Ballet: Bristol Hippodrome, Bristol, England, 1 July 2017

All dolled up

Peter Wright’s production of Coppélia for Birmingham Royal Ballet is a fine looking thing. Peter Farmer’s scenery and costumes are extremely attractive and the whole thing is put together with a breezy cohesion. 279 more words


Entry #2: NANA (SoA 2017)

(Recommended by Sango.)

I’ve had this series on my radar for a long while now, what with its unusually high average rating and episode count. It seemed to exude a confidence not many anime series outside the Shounen tag contain. 1,233 more words


I'll Be Right Back

Hi you! with all your awesomeness.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. You are the reason why I felt that I owed, this post. 137 more words