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hello boys & ghouls

although i will attempt to update periodically with new poems/stories or excerpts from books i’m working on (i’ll be deciding which half-written brainchild will have my full creative attention to transmute into a true novel, until it’s entirely complete, as soon as there’s time to breathe again.) i’ll be M.I.A. 131 more words


Be Right Back

With the chaos of Christmas behind us and the grey, lull of January already in full flow it is sometimes hard to see our goals. I usually enter January with an optimistic bounce, hopeful I WILL achieve whatever chuff I’ve decided is important this year. 261 more words

Life As I Know It


BRB, you said BRB

Be Right Back

BRB, I’ll just cry till I fall asleep

Why’d you leave me?

BRB, I’ll just hit my head into the wall… 52 more words


Later, beaches

It’s break time, babes.

I am officially on vacation for the next two and a half weeks. If you need me I’ll be off chasing the aloha spirit, dating the ocean, and napping in the sun. 38 more words

Shrieking Into The Void

Quick Guide To Modern Text and IM Abbreviations/Acronyms  

I’m one of those older Millennials, the ones with no kids that have to infiltrate the 20 somethings to keep current and hang. Many times I have been stumped by what a particular phrase, acronym or abbreviation means so I am compiling them all here for quick reference. 165 more words

Mrs Enginerd

Brief Hiatus: Finals Season

Just to let everyone know. I am taking a brief hiatus from writing this week due to finals. Most of my projects are due on Friday, so afterward I should be back to daily posts. 24 more words