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Guys, remember when I proposed? Well I’m getting married. Right now!

Well, right now, right EXACTLY now, as you read this? I’m already married. I’m already married! 21 more words



Heading to Philly for the weekend. Gonna find out if it’s really always sunny there.

Heinz Kiessling — “Temptation Sensation” [Spotify/iTunes]

Temporary Hiatus! BRB!

Hi wildflowers!

I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to let all my loyal followers and visitors know that due to network upgrades in our area- I’ll be disconnected from the ‘Net for up to 14 days! 140 more words


Oh blogosphere, my pet, I miss you

But, I’m treading water here with a shit ton of things (what’s the difference between a shit ton and a ton?  The fact that it’s a ton of shit?) keeping me up from morning until wee hours (not something I dig) recycling, sorting, meeting, divorcing, etc., etc.  12 more words


I aten't dead

Just got a LOT going on right now. Mainly moving house, so my living room looks like this:

There are a few posts sitting in my drafts, so things should get back to normal once all this faff is over with. 6 more words

BRB Introduction

I am excited to announce that I have randomly chosen today to launch my three part series entitled, “BRB!”

I’ve been brewing on this idea for a few weeks now, and today just feels right! 471 more words