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5 steps to respond to a security breach

Is your organisation equipped to deal with potential financial and reputational damage following an attack? 

Has your organisation established an incident management plan that covers data breaches? 1,105 more words

Brian Pennington

When a Breach Isn't a Breach: Understand HIPAA Rules

A hospital in Arkansas recently learned the lesson of the nuances contained within the HIPAA Privacy Rule.  There are many uses and disclosures identified in the Privacy Rule that permit actions that would otherwise appear to be a breach. 489 more words


The Cloud is Good, But Know Where Data Go

A recent settlement announcement from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) highlights the need to evaluate web-based applications and storage solutions.   568 more words


Monday Night HIPAA: HIPAA Hits Prime Time

For a few days in July 2015, HIPAA became an unavoidable topic of conversation. It trended on Twitter, was the subject of numerous news stories, and was otherwise the hot topic of the day. 663 more words


States Strengthen Laws Addressing Health Information Handling and Breach Response

Connecticut and Oregon were recently added to the increasing list of states  adopting stricter laws addressing the handling of health information and penalties in connection with breaches of health information.   437 more words


HIPAA Criminal Violations on the Rise

Stories appear almost everyday about medical records being improperly accessed, hacked or otherwise being stolen.  The number of stories about such thefts is almost matched by the number of stories about the high value placed upon medical records by identity thieves and others.   398 more words


Presentation tomorrow - Collin County Bar Ass'n Corporate Counsel Section - here's the question:

“What do I talk about?”

No, it’s not that I don’t have anything to say — for goodness sakes, you all know that I always have… 121 more words

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