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Real estate agents face claims for recovery of commissions

Vendors of properties who have paid commissions to real estate agents are gearing up to recover the commissions on the ground that they were paid by mistake following the Court of Appeal’s decision in… 977 more words

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I Don't Know Why This Keeps Happening To Me, But I Love It

Once again, I found someone’s drivers license (as well as his EBT card) on the train. You might recall that this has happened to me once before, which I chronicled on here in my letter titled “Dear Roanirt.” Anyway, I googled this man’s address, and found out that he lives in a housing project in Coney Island. 1,973 more words


Stormy Daniels Could Have to Pay Trump Millions of Dollars If Case is Moved to Federal Court

President Donald J. Trump must be feeling Presidential Campaign deja vu…

…because he is having to deal with another “Manufactured Bimbo Eruption”.

However, he may not have to endure this distraction from his Presidential Duties much longer. 939 more words


Existence of A Concluded Contract – Is a Sine Qua Non in a claim for compensation

Section 7 of the Contract Act, 1872 provides that in order to convert a proposal into a contract, the acceptance must be absolute and unqualified. The existence of a concluded contract is a… 106 more words


Toronto Marlboro Major Junior "A" Hockey Club et al. v. Tonelli et al. (1977)

Toronto Marlboro Major Junior “A” Hockey Club v. Tonelli is a Canadian employment law case concerning the right of minors to repudiate service contracts.

Read the full case on CanLII. 363 more words

Breach Of Contract

Breach of Contract in Business Law

Attorney Robert Heist has owned and operated the law firm of R. Connor & Associates in Chicago, Illinois, since 2001. In that time, Robert Heist has provided legal services to numerous clients seeking an attorney to represent them in breach of contract cases. 296 more words

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Breach of Contract

Johnny, a neighbor who is not a merchant under the Uniform Commercial Code, offers to buy a car from Mark for $30,000.   Mark asks Johnny for some time to think about it. 309 more words