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Quote of the Day - March 15, 2015

“A free society depends upon a high degree of mutual trust. The public will not give that trust to officials who are not seen to be impartially dedicated to the general public interest, nor will they give trust to those high in government who violate the rule of law they ask citizens to obey at the expense of self-interest, or to those who present government as the place where one feathers his own nest, exchanges favors with friends and former associates.”

–Archibald Cox

Breach of Securities Laws, Self-Dealing and Unjust Enrichment

When people are free to choose either every party to the transaction wins or there is no business; just crime.

The perfectly planned but unlawful takeover… 1,928 more words

Breach Of Trust

Power of attorney does not negate terms of trust deed

Powers of attorney and deeds of delegation can be useful, especially where a trustee may be absent from New Zealand for periods of time.  However, the extent to which trustees can rely on decisions made where one trustee has acted in a personal capacity and under a power of attorney require consideration. 1,066 more words


An RCMP Spouse's Plea

A letter my wife wrote to Public Complaints – Never any follow up. We must find a way to get the truths out
November 26, 2014… 1,841 more words


Russian policy follows "organized unpredictability"

From Der Spiegel:

….Russian policy, says , is currently following the “principle of organized unpredictability.

“Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who sought to establish a “positive agenda” with Moscow when he took office, is particularly frustrated.

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UK & Europe

Trustees sent to the naughty corner

Much is written about breach of trust, and the liability that can flow.  However, a sensible question, might be, is a breach of trust always fatal?  1,472 more words

Trustee Liability