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Montreal police arrest fifth officer following internal investigation

Montreal police have arrested a fifth officer in relation to an internal investigation that started in December 2015.

Authorities arrested the individual without a warrant, citing “reasonable probability” that a criminal act had been committed. 184 more words


Article from the AJC: Doctors & Sex Abuse

I just saw this article in my gmail in-folder…I had a couple of incidents like this happen in Canada when I was younger, making me feel distrustful and too vulnerable to be examined by a physician. 38 more words


Crown drops Senate expense charges against Patrick Brazeau

OTTAWA – Senator Patrick Brazeau will no longer face trial over his Senate housing expenses.

Charges against Sen. Patrick Brazeau dropped – he's free to return to the Senate with full salary and resources…

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Directors pinged trustees "safe"

However, as the directors and trustees are one and the same, perhaps a difficult pill to swallow nevertheless.  The case of Owens v Shaw is a little hard to make sense of given that the trustees of a trading trust, also traded through a company (on behalf of the trust) on account of one supplier who was unhappy dealing with a trust. 347 more words


4 Montreal police officers arrested for perjury, obstruction of justice

MONTREAL – Four Montreal police officers have been arrested following an internal investigation that started in December 2015.

David Chartrand faces four charges, and Faycal Djelidi, nine, including perjury and obstruction of justice. 173 more words


Judge rejects Michael Applebaum's request to have corruption charges dropped

MONTREAL – A judge has rejected former Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum‘s request to have all the charges against him thrown out.

Trial of former Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum, charged w/ corruption, can proceed, judge rules.

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Full Indemnity Costs in Estate Litigation: don’t take it personally

Emotion is a powerful driver of lawsuits. Estate litigation is especially prone to devolve into a forum for family infighting, with devastating consequences. In Holowaychuk v Lopushinsky… 622 more words

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