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The most exquisite Banana Bread

Banana Bread recipes started being published around the 1930s in the US. We do not know if this was a byproduct of the Great Depression whereby people didn’t want to throw away overripe bananas or if this is a product developed just to promote flour and baking powder products. 202 more words


Photoshop Phriday: Rick Leach

If you are putting together a list of famous Michigan (the school and the state) athletes Rick Leach is certainly going to be on it.  Born at the U of M hospital and raised in flint, Leach was the Michigan quarterback from 1975-78.   202 more words


Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread

What is it about flavored breads that make them so dang irresistible?  What is it about bread in general that is irresistible!?  I don’t know, but I am definitely a carb lover.   628 more words


The Dreaded Holy Grail (recipe: Overnight Breakfast Buns)

Well…damn. I don’t mean to humble-brag, but at this point in my life I don’t experience many kitchen disasters anymore. Practice does indeed make perfect, and at some point you just start “feeling” if everything in a new recipe is going to work out – or you alter it as you go, if you feel it won’t. 1,050 more words


[Bread] Korean Style Cornbread

After a tiring 5 batches and over 100 breads, I have come up with the recipe I am satisfied with. This recipe is close to the Korean style cornbread I really like based on flavor, but the texture is too close to American style cornbread. 531 more words



My grandmother made the best biscuits.  She did not use a recipe, she just poured a bunch of goodies in a bowl, and viola!…out came these morsels from heaven.  266 more words


The End of Apple Season

But I am done with apple-picking now.

Essence of winter sleep is on the night,….. Robert Frost

We seem to have had the last of the apples from our trees, or should I say the birds have had them. 274 more words

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