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Squeaky cheese

Some time back I discovered that thanks to the glories of online shopping (I do not enjoy grocery shopping), I could purchase a 1.5kg container of haloumi. 310 more words



A perennial favorite at the farmers markets over the years, this bread finds fans in young and old alike.  While the variety we sell at market is white we have made light wheat and even whole wheat versions, and you can adjust the kind of flour to suit your tastes by subbing whole wheat flour for the all-purpose. 567 more words


Brown Sugar Milk Bread

This bread is inspired by a loaf of bread I saw when I was walking around some of the markets in London on a day out by myself. 507 more words


Black Sesame Walnut Loaf (50% wholemeal)

The start of the year is always a crazy time for me, which is why I only finally found some time to post this bread 3 weeks after baking it. 424 more words


How to make a chocolate chip banana bread sinkhole

Baking isn’t a sure thing. I’ve heard it’s a science but since I’m not an exact measurer and English was my best subject, my talents lie more in unpretentious, candid culinary storytelling and sharing goods from my kitchen when they turn out to be delicious. 550 more words


Τέλειο gourmet burger στο σπίτι: σε σπιτικό ψωμί μπριός, με μπιφτέκι black angus, truffle mayo, καραμελωμένα κρεμμύδια και κατσικίσιο τυρί

Δεν ξέρω αν το έχετε παρατηρήσει, αλλά τα γκουρμέ burger έχουν γίνει πολύ της μοδός τα τελευταία χρόνια. Παντού ξεφυτρώνουν σαν τα μανιτάρια μπεργκεράδικα, άλλα καλύτερα, άλλα χειρότερα, πάντως ο πήχης του burger έχει ανέβει πολύ. 39 more words


Garlic Tear and Share Plait

Garlic bread. It is just amazing. I love the stuff!

I made this recipe a little while ago, the day itself was bloody freezing and I just couldn’t bear to leave the house to go and buy some. 506 more words