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Substance of Prosperity 1/5

1951 Second Portland Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

602A – Substance of Prosperity 1/5

Aloha, this is Joel continuing from Portland, Oregon, and presenting the message of The Infinite Way in a closed class. 1,278 more words


Take Out Tuesday: Roberta's Pizza

  • Subway stops delivered to: Metropolitan, Broadway, Flushing, Myrtle-Willoughby, Bedford-Nostrand
  • Neighborhoods delivered to: Williamsburg, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy
  • Location: 261 Moore St., on the corner of Bogart St.
  • 747 more words

Worst case scenario

Of course the worst thing that could happen to me today is that I die.

And of the best thing is that I live to fight another day and anything that is thrown at me!

Bread And Butter

Sink or swim

It sometimes feels like everyday is a sink or swim moment…

Dealing with the daily grind leaves me spent and numb at times. However I rise every morning with a fighting spirit determined to get through the day ahead. 58 more words

Bread And Butter


I am a person that does not like conflict in any form – even in my own mind. If I am being honest with myself – in the past I have been more likely to not make any decision and let things naturally evolve rather than face the hard choices. 98 more words

Bread And Butter

Hello, I'm back!

You think I might have been on hiatus for the last 2 years? In fact, I wasn’t.  I’ve been struggling to build this structure, now called, The Book of Bread and Butter.   127 more words

Bread And Butter

Happy Endings

I am constantly trying to develop good habits.  Last year I tried end my bad habit of eating a junk food  during my commute home. It seemed that by 6pm everyday body was craving fat and salt in pasty size quantities. 38 more words

Bread And Butter