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L Is For Super Bowl

Although we’ve pretty much lost all interest in professional football, which lately seems an interminable series of obnoxious commercials for pickup trucks and pharmaceutical aphrodisiacs followed by a few brief seconds of tattooed behemoths beating their chest as they stand over some supine opponent and then an endless series of pointless play reviews, we still tune in for the annual Super Bowl extravaganza. 1,272 more words


American Rome

American is the new Roman,
Dying of disease,
The Rome Syndrome,
Rotten empire,
Built with pride,
Destroyed in fire,
We have bread,
We have circus, 100 more words


"The History of Sports Idolatry" - Jason Cooley

This brand of preaching might step on some toes, but hopefully it encourages our hearts toward Jesus and toward a serious mindset. “The night is far spent, the day is at hand….” 222 more words


The formidable flatfish

With formidable presence, the flatfish of the future
cradles liberty for deadbeat voters, bread and circuses
lifted off the grounds of local parks, chanting falsehoods… 140 more words


Avoiding the circuses

It’s been a distinctly relaxed Christmas and New Year this year, in which I haven’t been overwhelmed by grief, which has been nice, and in which I’ve managed to see most of the family, if not many friends. 493 more words


"Debates" as pseudo-events with pseudo-moderators

I find the recent debates in both parties infuriating. Why are they called debates, when they are nothing but pseudo-events and have nothing to do with the traditional meaning of a debate, which is a disciplined, precise, and detailed back and forth on a narrowly focused policy topic? 229 more words

Populist Demagoguery


Welcome to Bread and Circuses!

We’re a group of friends living in the capital of London – Tooting! We love our neighbourhood and we love good food, so started this blog to draw attention to our tasty and too-often-overlooked slice of South London. 54 more words