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Unreal, Baby!

Virtual reality.  The term itself is an oxymoron.  How can something be virtual—that is, not physically existing—and at the same time real—that is, actually existing? 751 more words


Tau Cross Premiere New Song "Bread And Circuses"

Tau Cross have premiered a new song titled “Bread And Circuses,” via cvltnation.com. This song is from the band’s new album “Pillar Of Fire” which will be released on July 21. 8 more words


TAU CROSS Release New Song “Bread And Circuses”

Multinational punk / heavy metal collective TAU CROSS has the official audio for “Bread and Circuses” off the impending Pillar of Fire full-length album. Listen now via Cvlt Nation  287 more words

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Cities as leeches


Very true.


Per person, their productivity is likely negative.

I don’t understand how social housing is even available for the cities, when it’s a luxury to move there. 298 more words

#20- Violence Brings Down A Society (50 Things I've Learned From Star Trek)

It’s possible to argue that some wars are just and necessary. I’m not here to argue for or against that premise. I’m not here to talk about specific isolated events of war and violence. 576 more words

50th Anniversary

And So It Goes..#878

Just for a few brief hours during last week’s commotion prompted by the latest Islamic terrorist outrage, reason and common sense enjoyed fleeting hegemony in the nation’s political discourse:- 319 more words

UK Politics

TINA's Legacy: Free Money, Bread and Circuses and Collapse, by Charles Hugh Smith

We borrow, therefore we are seems to be the motto of modern governments. But sooner or later, the credit line gets revoked. From Charles Hugh Smith at oftwominds.com: 337 more words