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Star Trek: Bread and Circuses - Part I

On the Ides of March, 1968, the world was treated to the first ever space Romans on television during the Star Trek episode ‘Bread and Circuses’ 1,002 more words


Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew Leaving the Matrix [VIDEO] ~ October 30, 2016

Published on Oct 29, 2016

Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: Leaving the Matrix
october 29, 2016 by http://parallelmindzz.com

As the old Matrix slowly devolves and unravels, we find ourselves at a pivotal point. 260 more words

The Imperial Cookbook

Now comes Ashley Dawson, with an excerpt from his recently published book Extinction: A Radical History. Notable for its critique of the concept of the anthropocene (more on that below), the book also includes a discussion of how empires exhaust their most vital rhythm, between extraction abroad and distraction at home. 99 more words


And So It Goes...#806

I did originally think it a spoof. Some sort of meta-modernist work of installation art.But I guess on reflection, Black Lives Matter were being serious. They staged a sit-down protest on the runway at London City Airport.The following gleaned from  180 more words

Media Reporting

Just Thinkin': We're Painting the Roses Red

So, I’m trying to watch Pitch Perfect on Disney’s ABC Freeform (formerly ABC Family, but even they couldn’t keep a straight face for that one anymore) and it’s somewhat maddening when they dub over the more crass/sexually explicit language. 188 more words

Just Thinkin'

And So It Goes...#782

The shocking murder of a british member of parliament in broad daylight in the high street on Thursday and the official prevailing  ideological response to that event are a sobering reminder as to how precarious freedom of speech and freedom of conscience truly are. 123 more words

UK Politics

Quote of the Day

Spock: Doctor, if I were able to show emotion, your new infatuation with that term would begin to annoy me.

McCoy: What term? Logic? Medical men are trained in logic, Mister Spock.

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