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Bread and Torah or Bread and Circuses

Right around 100 CE, the Roman satirical poet Juvenal wrote this critique of Roman society, “Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the people have abdicated our duties; for the people who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil offices, legions – everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses.” Bread and circuses is a standard metaphor for superficial means of buying political support. 1,180 more words

The Problem With Challenging China Is Greed

Today we live in very uncertain times when it comes to foreign affairs, and part of the reason is China. China is by far the largest, most powerful enemy the United States has ever faced. 336 more words


And So It Goes...#626

  Let’s be clear about this ; the on-going ,seemingly endless present day economic/financial crises besetting the Western capitalist countries in particular will resolve themselves..badly..messily.There will be widespread social upheaval ,chaos ,rioting and bloodshed. 203 more words

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Not in Our Stars

Methinks Shakespeare’s man Cassius, saying that ‘the fault…is not in our stars but in ourselves,’ spoke to a much broader expression of fault than that of his moment. 419 more words

Human Nature

And So It Goes...#618

( This is merely by way of re-capitulation ,first blogged under ASIG #480,June 2014 )

Just in case there’s any misunderstanding or misinterpretation.or perhaps the casual reader might get it into their thick heads that somehow,however implausibly I don’t actually believe or mean any of this. 302 more words

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“I have said a good deal more here on what ought to be than on what is: but God forbid I should appear to say, “I know what ought to be, and this is it.” But it did and does seem better to shout a few obvious facts (they can never be “obvious” enough) than to meech. 125 more words


Falling Republic, Rising Empire

Bread and circuses, as defined by Dictionary.com, is something, as extravagant entertainment, offered as an expedient means of pacifying discontent or diverting attention from a source of grievance… 1,222 more words

Bread And Circuses