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We kiss the rings

of queens and kings

as jesters laugh

and hangmen sing

as peasants toil in the field

and taxmen sieze nine-tenths their yield… 464 more words


And So it Goes...#682

** For the complete backstory view A.S.I.G…#679 **

Explaining a person’s behaviour by referring to their racial /ethnic ,origin /heritage reinforces stereotypes ,and not in a good way. 480 more words

UK Politics

And So It Goes...#681

What is the point of Capitalism ? Why is the private ownership and control of the means of production ,distribution and exchange of human society worth even arguing over ? 388 more words

UK Politics

And So It Goes...#680

Does anybody seriously get excited about who the next Archbishop of Canterbury might be ? You know ,that long drawn out pretend theological pantomime sans any actual Theological content ,when the archaic no-longer-fit -for-purpose  Church of England wrings its hands and rends its garments in front of an apathetic public ,in what it still believes to be ,a meaningful manner . 308 more words

UK Politics

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Book 1 of the Hunger Games

Published in 2009 by Scholastic Press, Inc

ISBN: 0439023483

Genre – 1,674 more words


It's called Pork and it's vote buying by the Harper Government...by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

The vote buying, which is the Stephen Harper government,, is a slap in the face to all Canadian citizens.

Harper and his gang believe in the Bread and Circuses theme…keep the people well fed and entertained and they won’t pay any attention to what is really happening. 157 more words


NFL, NASCAR, and U.S. Foreign Policy: Quick Hits

W.J. Astore

During the Roman Empire, chariot races and gladiatorial games served to entertain the people. The U.S. empire’s equivalent, of course, is NASCAR and the NFL. 421 more words