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Cinnamon Rolls.......The ultimate breakfast, when you're super healthy haha

My Mama makes cinnamon rolls and people love them.  She takes her time, makes them special.  I mean hers are just the best damn cinnamon rolls on the whole damn planet.   315 more words

Living in Paris, I soon realized that the baguette was more than just a food item, it was a way of life; which I soon adapted. 351 more words

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Bread maker Mostly Wheat Rolls

Do you need some wheat rolls for Easter dinner? Or do your kids eat bread for every meal? I have the perfect recipe for those with a bread maker.   213 more words

The Changing of the (Bread) Guard

Sad to say, but our old breadmaker finally bit the dust. :( The mechanism that turned the kneading paddle gave out one day, with a distinct aroma of burning electrics. 323 more words

Home Life

Caring for your breadmaker...or DAMN

Okay when you use a piece of equipment as often as I use the  bread maker you really should look into care and service of said piece. 176 more words


Late Night Cooking Series Part 3: Baking Cheesecake in my Panasonic SDS BM 105T Breadmaker 深夜食堂第三話:麵包機也可以烤起司乳酪蛋糕!

As many of you know, my love for my Panasonic bread maker knows no bounds. Since its purchase nine months ago, the novelty has not worn off, and it’s still one of the most heavily used appliances in my kitchen. 1,030 more words

Ingredient Discovery & Product Review

Hot cross buns

So, life has been crazy. Up until a few weeks ago I referred to my renovations as “a bit of facelift”. I had completely convinced myself that it wasn’t really that big of a deal. 362 more words