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Artisan Sourdough * Cook book

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Many bakers speak of their sourdough starter as if it has a magical life of its own, so it can be intimidating to those new to the sourdough world; fortunately with Artisan Sourdough Made Simple, Emilie Raffa removes the fear and proves that baking with sourdough is easy, and can fit into even a working parent’s schedule! 181 more words

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Beer just not for Drinking *

No ! It’s for making Bread too –

. We stop at a local shop and my hubby bought some local brewed wheat bear . And I said I can make bread out of that. 194 more words


Video Story 1

اجرينا انا و زميلتي نوره شنيبر مقابله مع احدى العاملين في صناعة الخبز (الخباز) بمنطقة السلام و قمنا بتصوير فيديو تجريبي لرجل الذي يعجن العجينه باستخدام برنامج

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لم نواجه صعوبه بعمل الفيديو و كانت التجربه ممتعه جداً و سهله ولكن واجهنا مشكله في الصوت فكان صوت الرجل خافت جداً و لم يكن المكان الذي قابلنا فيه هادىء لأن الخباز كان مزدحم بكثير من الناس و لم يستطيع الرجل الخروج في وقت مناسب بسبب العمل ، و لكن سنتفادى هذه المشكله لاحقاً بإذن الله في الفيديوات اللاحقه.


Potato Bread Recipe

It’s Wednesday & I’m making Bread :  Potato Bread

In the Bread maker :

  • 13/8 c water
  • 2 T butter
  • 11/4 t salt
  • 4 C bread flour…
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The bread makers

It had to happen – we are now making our own bread! Mark and Samuel love bread so I found a second hand bread maker and managed to get it for £15 – bargain. 39 more words

Setting Number Seven

A few years ago, I received a bread maker for my birthday. From start to finish, I have completely baked one loaf in it. The artificial, odd shape that it made, brought no satisfaction. 168 more words


Cal zone Dough made in Bread maker

Thursday Food Post – Another Bread maker Episode 

Instead of Bread – I made Pizza Dough in my Bread maker