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Easy sun dried tomato bread

Past weekend we had some friends over and I thought it would be nice to bake something more fancy looking :) I ended up baking a very easy sun dried tomato bread that requires only 4 ingredients, but tastes great! 149 more words

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Classic country bread made with poolish

To bring an artisan bread making to bread machine I made a simple white bread using polish.

Poolish is starter used in bread making process. The primary difference between making bread with a starter and making bread with the direct or straight yeast method is that starter breads require much more time to prepare, but the flavor and texture of the bread is almost impossible to achieve with other leavening methods. 291 more words

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Orange pulp jam in bread machine

Last week I made a lovely orange pulp jam in bread machine. The idea for the jam came as I had some leftover pulp from making juice. 310 more words

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Quick and easy multigrain whole wheat bread

This time I tried something a lit bit more healthy – multigrain whole wheat bread.

There are quite a few recipes online for this type of bread: 101 more words

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Basic Dinner Rolls - Let Your Bread Maker Do the Hard Work!!!

I have to warn you! These things are addictive! Lately, our favorite thing to use our bread machine for is making dinner roll dough. It’s so nice to have the bread maker do all the mixing and some of the rising for you. 361 more words


Sweet cinnamon and cranberry bread

Basic bread recipe can be very versatile. Just a couple of additions can make the bread sweet or savory.

This time I took a simple white bread recipe added sugar, cinnamon and cranberries and made a sweet and simple bread. 126 more words

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Healthy carrot bread

Lately I have been making quite a lot of juice and carrots is one of the main ingredients that I use. It is truly a shame to waste all the remaining pulp of carrots. 130 more words

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