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Blueberry jam and cottage cheese rolls

I was eager to bake something sweet and use up blueberry jam that I made a while ago. Thus, sweet rolls came to my mind. My inspiration was cinnamon rolls, well the dough to be more precise. 200 more words

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Simple spinach and feta bread 

Bread and all its variations, so many recipes to be baked and tried!

This time I baked a simple yet extremely delicious bread with spinach and feta. 374 more words

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Creative and tasty way to use stale bread 

Nothing can be easier than turning stale bread into delicious gourmet croutons for soup and salad toppings. Besides that there are many more ways in using and reusing stale bread. 110 more words

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Bread Maker (面包机) – Oreo Bread (Oreo面包)

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Using SONG-CHO BREAD MAKER to make sweet and tasty OREO BREAD. Kids will love it, so will the adults! :)

 Ingredients (1.5lb, 700g): 382 more words

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What is the best bread machine/maker?

My bread machine is barely holding on with all this baking that I am doing lately. Thus, I have started to look for a new and maybe more professional one. 341 more words

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Tasty pesto bread rolls

My pesto bread turned out so great that I have decided to make a small modification of it and bake some bread rolls.

The recipe follows as the pesto bread: 74 more words

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Simple guide on how to postpone bread baking  

Bread baking can take quite a lot of time. It is sometimes challenging to plan it well in a busy day schedule. This inspired my to research how to postpone bread making. 779 more words

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