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Earring factory

I have finally begun to get my earrings photographed and added to my etsy shop. I am even more excited about my earrings than I was my skirts because I can be creative about the way the I take pictures of them, and I simply just love to wear them so much that sharing the wealth is going to be a real pleasure. 18 more words

Bread -n- Butter Tuesdays

Bread-N-butter tuesdays: Matching onesie

I have finally added a listing to my etsy shop with a matchng appliqued onesie. I have been wanting to start adding onesies as they do a wonderful job of completing the whole look and it helps to be able to visualize just how adorable the whole outfit is. 11 more words

Bread -n- Butter Tuesdays

Bread-N-Butter Tuesdays: Vintage and supply shop

I now have a third shop on etsy. I have so many amazing vintage finds from thrift shopping that I decided it’s time to start selling them on etsy. 65 more words

Bread -n- Butter Tuesdays

Bread-N-Butter Tuesday: Feather Fiesta Days

My home town has a yearly festival called feather fiesta days. I love being there. I love this yearly festival. No matter how long I have been away, I can come to feather fiesta days and see an abundance of familiar faces. 85 more words

Bread -n- Butter Tuesdays

Bread-n-butter tuesdays: Another new Photography shop

I now have two new online photography shops. My etsy shop and now a shop on Fine Art America. I am so excited about my second shop because when I make sales there, they take care of the printing and shipping. 87 more words


Bread-n-butter tuesdays: Photography

As my passion for photography has been growing, and my camera has been my companion everywhere I go; including West Africa, I’ve decided to try my hand at selling my photography. 11 more words


Bread-n-Butter Tuesdays: Why I weave

Weaving to me is similar to music and writing. When writing, words are taken and strung together in such an order that when done well the word combinations bring emotion meaning and beauty. 104 more words

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