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Soft, white sandwich loaf

I’m working on dedairyfying the recipe for this bread now. I experimented using Melt Organic and dry coconut milk. It turned out well but still not quite what I had in mind as it has a slight aftertaste of coconut, so I will tweak it further and let you know. 46 more words

Dairy Free

Gluten - Yay or Nay?

You see “gluten free” this and “gluten free” that all over menus and television nowadays but what is gluten and why go gluten free?!? 181 more words

T A R T I N E Bakery 

You can often tell when there is a long out the door down the street that the place is going to be good. You know that for sure when the people in that line are happy to be waiting and are Busily trying to work out what to have and they are finding it hard to choose. 646 more words

Bread in a Tin Can—Backpacking!

It’s spring break, so my daughter went backpacking with a friend and her dad.
She wanted to bring bread, but didn’t want it to get squished in her backpack, so we made bread in tin cans! 462 more words

Cindys Garden To Table

Market Fresh Cornbread

Up until now, there are only two cornbread recipes that I’ve ever used. Just two.

The first default choice is my grandmother’s recipe, which is one I’ve shared on the blog before. 805 more words

Comfort Food

The Breadery

It was just an ordinary morning, I was looking for a place to collect my thoughts. I was not really keen on going anywhere far, but when the idea of visiting a new bakery comes into mind… I just have to drop everything, and found myself en route to The Breadery. 330 more words

Filipino Food Blog

The Bread of Dreams

This was an absolutely GREAT find: low carb, gluten free, protein Broccoli Bread! 👏🌳💪🙌😁

Found here: http://proteinpow.com/2013/04/low-carb-gluten-free-broccoli-protein.html

I’ve had a very busy day at work, followed up by a great strength session down at… 167 more words