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What it is With Avocado, Poached Egg and Hot Sauce

Today I was supposed to go out for breakfast. To Honey & Co. in Warren Street, as a matter of fact, who may as well be given a proportion of my wages at source. 84 more words


Avocado, Bacon and Poached Egg on Toast at St David's Coffee House, Forest Hill

When I left London it was raining and when I returned, a little under a week later, it was raining still. In between I went to Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff and the Gower peninsula: all sunny.   194 more words


Swiss Chard or Spinach Focaccia

One of my weaknesses is bread! I enjoy looking for different types of bread recipes. Somewhere along the way I came across the idea of adding swiss chard to focaccia. 259 more words


#Toastiegamestrong with Lactofree

Toasties. Maybe you’ve had em, maybe you haven’t. But you probably have had a toastie, let’s be real.

Well to be honest toasties have never really been on my radar as a Great Food. 468 more words


Yummy low sugar and fat-free zucchini Bread

We woke to a cool morning so I decided to do a little baking before the heat of the day set in. I made a couple of fat-free quick breads that allowed me to use some of our garden harvest and a few over ripe bananas that we had hanging out in the freezer.  295 more words


Wheat-Oat-Flax Buns


2 C. flour

1 C. whole wheat flour

1/2 C. rolled oats (old-fashioned, not quick-cooking)

1/3 C. toasted flax seeds

2 1/4 t. yeast (or 1 packet, if you buy the little packets instead of a jar) 832 more words