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The Bread-Breaker

When Annabelle wrote a letter, it was always about something very serious.

It helped that she hadn’t finished elementary school. Her parents had both died when she was young, and rather than go to a state home, about which rumours had always swirled, she struck out on her own to survive. 301 more words

Short Story

Sourdough Bread

This is an experiment for me as I have never used sourdough starter.  If it hadn’t worked I would have felt cheated because of the time it takes to develop. 297 more words

Simple bread rolls (cobs)

I love bread almost as much as pasta but recently I’ve been eating less because I would rather eat no bread than bad bread.  For me the only place for a Chorleywood white sliced is in a fish finger sandwich or a chip butty when all culinary snobbery is abandoned in any case. 550 more words

Irish Soda Bread

It wouldn’t be an American St Patrick’s Day without some Irish soda bread.  This year I get to forgo making the corned beef and cabbage, something that I am secretly excited about, I can’t stand boiled cabbage, because my lovely Aunt Michelle has invited us over for the occasion, sparing me the task, and making room in my cooking schedule for something that I am much more excited about – Irish Soda Bread. 287 more words


Sticky Chocolate Knots

I should really be calling these ‘Procrastination Knots’ as they were something I chose to spend my time on, rather than a more urgent chore at hand.  459 more words

Sweet Things