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Not a Roti-ne Job

Chapatti/Roti (n.) – a thin pancake of unleavened wholemeal bread cooked on a griddle.

The definition above is as inadequate as the picture of Modi’s wife on her… 495 more words


Zucchini Bread & Memories

Zucchini Bread

We were given a HUGE zucchini by a friend. When I say huge, I mean… well, in the pic below my daughter was already 3/4 if the way through grating it when I realized we forgot to take a picture of the actual zucchini. 691 more words


Whole Wheat Garlic Bread

Some of us are a real big fan of garlic breads and others brings about their day simple with bread toasts. So, here I bring to you the crazy twist to your everyday living with… 286 more words


Phillippa’s Home Baking (4): Michigan Apple Cake

This is unlike any other cake I’ve ever made. It doesn’t use flour, but isn’t called flourless. Instead the gluten comes from breadcrumbs that are toasted in butter until golden brown. 358 more words

Lemon Poppyseed Squash Bread

When you have an abundance of summer squash … of course you should make bread! I grew up with zucchini bread & cake & brownies — but never thought to swap out the zucchini for summer squash. 218 more words


A month of baking II

It’s not quite been a month, but I figured the simplest way to get caught up again was to do another catch-all post. I’ve baked less since we moved, though I love my new kitchen. 494 more words

This Week's Adventure

Nigella’s sourdough with rye

Challenge #3 – Rye sourdough with wholewheat and caraway seeds

Disclaimer: I’m pretty sure I did not do this as intended. Any cockups along the way are likely due to off measurements and a starter (and therefore sponge) with too high hydration. 227 more words