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Collecting the Information You Need...let's start with Sales

The first restaurant we opened had it’s own cash register. I can’t even remember now if I could call it a point-of-sale because it didn’t even vaguely resemble the devices we use today. 517 more words


Managing the 3 Martini Lunch with Separate Items!

It’s not unusual for a table of diners to copy each other. One person orders a martini and suddenly her two companions believe it’s a great idea too. 65 more words


What Percentage of Your Sales Go To Labor Costs?

A restaurant’s single largest controllable cost is labor. The difference between being a profitable business or becoming one of the 60% of restaurants that fail within the first three years of operation highly depends upon stabilized labor costs.

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Crumbs of Bread


  • This call for papers is asking for papers and other kinds of submissions on the culture within pop culture, and it makes reference to satirical articles that “inflame political passions” and what these everyday objects say about us as a society.
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Roasted Rack of Lamb with Coconut Brown Rice

Roasted rack of lamb crusted in cheesy breadcrumbs and drizzled with roasting juices and fresh lime. Served alongside brown rice tossed with toasted coconut flakes and green onions, and onion layer pods with cheesy broccoli puree over roma tomato and spicy green salsa. 157 more words


Crispy Baked Walleye

Crispy breaded fish without frying! Those that only likes deep-fried fish will definitely this recipe.   Feel free to use your favorite seasonings.   You can also use tilapia or other white fish fillets… 155 more words