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Breadcrumb using Java/JQuery, HTML and css (SharePoint)

Requirement: To create the breadcrumb which shows the location of the current page on top and user should be able to navigate to any parent page from the current page. 431 more words


Christmas Eve

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People are proud to be saying Merry Christmas again.

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The Atlanta Airport Extraction

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Shall we play a game?
Map is critical to understand. 2,269 more words


4 is not secure

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Being advised to update code.
Serious hardware being used to break.
4 is not secure. 575 more words


Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Race

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Merry Christmas.

Anon Research

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Wishing all of those celebrating #Hanukkah…

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Light Will Defeat Darkness

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Do you believe in coincidences?
“Blunt & Direct Time”
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News Unlocks Map

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