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Adventures in bread making (Part 1)

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I recently got a bread maker, thanks to a generous person on… 162 more words

We Got a Bread Maker! (Low/No Sodium White Bread - Bread Maker recipe)

Hubby and I went on a kitchen shopping spree. We found several new appliances, deeply discounted, and couldn’t resist. One was a Oster bread maker (2lb) 784 more words

Bread Machine

Rye humour

Tired of making bread with Italian flour which is really for pizza or pasta and can make for disastrous loaves (unmixed, uncooked, unrisen), we bought a huge sack of rye flour from Britain. 107 more words

Living In Italy


…when the recipe says “let cool for twenty minutes” it really means “let cool for one to two hours.”

Perhaps if we weren’t so anxious… we would not have had such a mangled mess… 12 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Kitchens and Bread

I love kitchens. I think anyone who enjoys cooking loves kitchens. Actually, even if you don’t enjoy cooking, kitchens are a huge thing. I can’t speak for anyone but myself in this instance, but the kitchen is the heart of the house, primarily because we spend so much time in it, and when I look at homes for sale, the kitchen is the room that plays a major part in whether or not I want that house. 481 more words


Iced Buns, Iced Finger or Sticky Willies, call them what you will.

If you grew up in the UK you will know these ready delights as Iced Buns, Iced Finger or Sticky Willies.

Yes, sticky willies, a friend nearly spat her cocktail everywhere hearing that name, she grew up in a much posher place than me. 464 more words