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Kitchens and Bread

I love kitchens. I think anyone who enjoys cooking loves kitchens. Actually, even if you don’t enjoy cooking, kitchens are a huge thing. I can’t speak for anyone but myself in this instance, but the kitchen is the heart of the house, primarily because we spend so much time in it, and when I look at homes for sale, the kitchen is the room that plays a major part in whether or not I want that house. 481 more words


Iced Buns, Iced Finger or Sticky Willies, call them what you will.

If you grew up in the UK you will know these ready delights as Iced Buns, Iced Finger or Sticky Willies.

Yes, sticky willies, a friend nearly spat her cocktail everywhere hearing that name, she grew up in a much posher place than me. 370 more words


Lemonade Bread FAIL!

Since I’ve had my breadmaker, I’ve been trying all kinds of different recipes. Most have come out super yummy. I had high hopes for this one: Lemonade Bread. 322 more words


The Excellent Quality HB HomeBaker Breadmaker Thinking

In my home we like to to make fresh a loaf of bread ourself, we committed to a breadmaker although the very first time we didn’t select the right one. 241 more words

Products Panasonic YeastPro Automatic Breadmaker

Ease of Operation The PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370 Series projectors turn on and reach fullbrightness virtually instantaneously without any need for warm uptime, enabling the projectors to be used immediately. 188 more words

Jam Lady

Jam lady
walks the hills
Spoon-feeding jam to the weary (yet wary)
Be polite & taste her wares
For if you don’t –
She can be quite jam scary… 143 more words

Catherine Crosswell