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Raspberry - Oat Crumb Muffins

If there is one thing that has been extremely abundant this summer; it’s the garden’s raspberry production. They just keep coming. I’ve been throwing them into just about everything over the past month, and the freezer is completely stocked with bag upon bag. 597 more words


Blueberry Banana Muffins

It is summer and any fruits that are bought from the store ripe very quickly.  I bought a bunch of bananas that were not ripe – the skin was literally green, but within 2 days they all ripped at the same time.   298 more words

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Chocolate and banana muffins

Do you remember those banana and peanut butter muffins I made a while back? I dreamed of them for a whole week after I baked them – they were that good. 191 more words


Garlic chilli bread and RSG feature

Yesterday I received a call from Nina Timm, South African food blogging goddess, asking me if they can feature Add Some Butter on the food program of the national radio station, … 318 more words


Bacon and jalapeno muffins

How does a hot cup of coffee with a freshly baked bacon, jalapeno and cheddar cheese muffin slathered with butter sound right about now? Pretty good, hey? 167 more words


Banana and peanut butter muffins

Banana and peanut butter has proven to be a match made in heaven as I discovered with this banana and peanut butter smoothie. It’s great for summer, but when it’s so cold you don’t even want to stick your nose out the front door I opt for something a little more comforting. 184 more words


Wheat bread with sunflower seeds

These days everyone tries to add healthy foods to their menus. In winter time I try to incorporate foods that are rich in vitamins to avoid getting the flu and in summer time I add fresh berries that are rich in anti-oxidants. 150 more words

Breads & Muffins