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Pens down, computers off!

Pens down, computers off! The boss prances down the aisle in her wicked-hot stilettos, her face grinning and manic. We look at each other like prisoners as she flits by. 265 more words


Food safety at work

Would you believe that 22% of office refrigerators are cleaned just once or twice a year? To keep your lunch from becoming a bacteria bomb, the American Dietetic Association recommends storing your food in an airtight container on the top shelf – so nothing can drip on it.

Connie Sellecca

What Happened to the Break room Table?

There’s nothing worse than going on lunch only to find that your supervisor has moved the break room table elsewhere and you have to eat off a chair where someone had their ass in. 35 more words

The Workplace

Minions For Safety

Even though this shop does not exceed the decibel limit over time, specified by OSHA, they do require PPE for all personnel and visitors.

Shop Floor

Trust and Focus

I claim to be able to accurately determine the level of trust in a group by just observing the interactions of people in the group for about 10-30 seconds. 491 more words

Enabling Actions

There's a Cow in our News Studio!!!

Ok so it wasn’t a REAL cow at the Eyewitness News Studios in Bakersfield today, but it was the Chick-Fil-A Cow! So Chick-Fil-A was in house talking about their Cow Appreciation Day and well, the cow kinda just went all over the place… 96 more words