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Wicked Wake Up Call: Break Room Boss

Lacy is sending some very pushy emails about the cleanliness of the office kitchen and Alicia Love is on the case!

Have a friend you want to disrupt with a Wicked Wake-Up Call? 16 more words


Focus on Trust Level

I claim to be able to accurately determine the level of trust in a group by just observing the interactions of people in the group for about 10-30 seconds. 450 more words

Enabling Actions

Wicked Wake Up Call: Snack Stealer

Danny found out the code to the break room vending machine and has been helping himself to free snacks.

Alicia Love calls and tells him he’s going to pay what he owes… and then some! 28 more words


Gnosjöandan Spirit

One of my international contacts through the Syndicat International du Decolletage posted an intriguing photo on Facebook.

I did my best to try to figure it out, and eventually I came up with “entrepreurship.” 140 more words

Break Room

BREAKING: Kate Upton Went Nips Out For The Boys On Facebook

This has to be a mistake, right? There’s no way Kate Upton’s people posted a picture from the “Fappening” on Facebook, right? Some hackers hack your iCloud, steal your nude photos and leak them for everyone to see… it becomes a huge deal and your hubby Justin is having his lawyers take care of it.. 117 more words

Recap--1/26/15 (Week 3)

This was a make or break week. After last week’s two pound gain, I was at 369. The brief weight loss could be a facade or we could be on track. 904 more words

"Jaw With John" - Puzzling Situation Is Trivial

I work at a city department with about 20 employees. Our office receives two different newspapers every day and they are put in our lunch/break room for the staff to share. 246 more words