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Gnosjöandan Spirit

One of my international contacts through the Syndicat International du Decolletage posted an intriguing photo on Facebook.

I did my best to try to figure it out, and eventually I came up with “entrepreurship.” 140 more words

Break Room

BREAKING: Kate Upton Went Nips Out For The Boys On Facebook

This has to be a mistake, right? There’s no way Kate Upton’s people posted a picture from the “Fappening” on Facebook, right? Some hackers hack your iCloud, steal your nude photos and leak them for everyone to see… it becomes a huge deal and your hubby Justin is having his lawyers take care of it.. 117 more words

Recap--1/26/15 (Week 3)

This was a make or break week. After last week’s two pound gain, I was at 369. The brief weight loss could be a facade or we could be on track. 904 more words

"Jaw With John" - Puzzling Situation Is Trivial

I work at a city department with about 20 employees. Our office receives two different newspapers every day and they are put in our lunch/break room for the staff to share. 246 more words


Rebekah: Just Put The Ice Scoop Back Where It Belongs!

We’ve all had issues with the CBS Radio break room.You may or may not remember a few months ago when David had a fit over Diet Coke… 212 more words


Is Your Office Fridge Out of Control? Send This to Your Co-Workers Before Things Get Really Bad

Back in my office days, I remember the break room fridge getting pretty funky. Before someone instituted a monthly “toss” date, there were moldy sandwiches and plenty of cartons of sour, chunky half-and-half. 231 more words