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All throughout this past week, I’ve had a song running through my mind several times each day. It was the chorus lyrics from David Bowie’s old song, Golden Years. 1,150 more words

Limiting Beliefs

In Prison, but Not in Prison- May 17, 2015

“Ed doesn’t even realize he’s in prison.”

The quote above is what an inmate said to another inmate in front of me.  I thought of this moment that happened probably 3 moths ago when I got a recent letter from my Mom.  

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Eddie Paul

Students participate in 1 Billion Rising for Valentine's Day

Shriya Bhattacharya

Staff Writer

1 Billion Rising is a movement that may not be known by many people, but once you attend the event, you leave with determination to spread awareness about its importance. 540 more words

The Skinny

I'm back!

I took a hiatus with the thought that I had nothing important to say or of any value to share… And some of you after reading this may still agree with that statement!   581 more words

Living at the end your rope

Although the term “live everyday like its your last” has been said irrefutably many times by everyone who ever tried to give life a shot, i think we take the term in a wrong/vain way. 666 more words

Rise Up

Who knows

I don’t know what has encouraged me to get on here tonight but i felt that I needed to do so. I look at my 16 year daughter with such wonder and awe and wonder what she thinks when she sees me. 232 more words

Breaking The Cycle