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Passion creates positivity which breeds happiness

If I were to ask you what your hobbies are, what are you truly passionate about, what would you say? Reading? Dancing? Baking? Football? Nature or even swimming? 516 more words


You need me.

You need me. I am your greatest ambition, the one thing that keeps you going. I am the perfect body that you’ve been told you must have to be happy. 735 more words


The day I did the unthinkable

9th August 2015 started off as any ordinary day, just your usual Sunday. I woke up at 8am, I got up and moaned about going to work but I went anyway. 625 more words


Living an Open & Authentic Life

In light of some personal strife our family suffered this week (which I pinky swore I would not make part of today’s blog)

I am taking a break from the financial awesomeness I intended to write about as part of my current growth series “ 807 more words


The Color Red Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Seeing red in dreams, visions, waking life, paintings, etc is symbolic of passion, envy, hate, love, Karma, karmic challenges, anger, channeling, learning to forgive, soul journeying, lessons learned, releasing imbalances, grudge, vindication, strongman, stronghold, spiritual warfare, upheaval, joy. 602 more words

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