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Television Hiatus

I just recently returned from my first true vacation in quite some time and it was the most energizing and joyful experience ever. Now that I’m back home, it has gotten me thinking about my usual habits. 272 more words


"You're eating that and you're competing?"

Yes, it’s true, I’m 18 days away from my competition and I not only eat a minimum of 100g of carbs a day but I also eat dairy, red meat, peanut butter, fruit, and flatbreads. 321 more words

Fitness & Nutrition

Breaking the Mold

On March 2nd, I found out this awesome news… and even as I am writing this post today, I’m still finding it hard to put my thoughts, feelings, and emotions into words. 953 more words


Vegan Lifestyle

Lately, I’ve been looking into the vegan lifestyle to see what it’s all about, why some people do it, what the benefits and drawbacks are, and what the food pyramid consists of. 386 more words


Matters of Head Over Heart

Love has made me irrational


Inconsolable at times

As a society, we think we know what it means to love and be loved.

Gifts, affection, remembering days on a calendar and so on. 174 more words


Positive Priority

If you find yourself making decisions for yourself and for your families, think about this. If you are making decisions to be around people and influences because you feel you have to, reconsider. 173 more words


This Will Blow Your Mind

In all my research for motivation, positivity, inspiration, and happiness…this TED Talk was by far the most impressive. It almost brought me to tears, it made me laugh out loud, and it opened my eyes to finding my own happiness. 111 more words