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Throwback Thursday: E is for Evil Stepmother

Who doesn’t love a good Throwback Thursday? Thursday’s I will write a post with a picture and a story attached or reblog a post I wrote awhile back! 525 more words



You’re a thousand different pieces, and I love each one of them.


Thinking critically about our life, decisions, behaviors, and relationships is an important part in the process of growth.  “True self-analysis is the greatest art of progress.” I came across this quote on Instagram, as life would have it, and it struck a chord in me. 236 more words

[gains, bruh.]

Gains, bruh.

Recently, I’ve been working out (maybe you can tell – if so, feel free to tell me) but I learned from a trainer friend of mine that it’s not just about exercise. 816 more words

Breaking The Mold

The Grind

I recently touched base with healthy outlets and constructive ways to fill out your time. Today I’ll piggyback off that and incorporate it into how you can use it to get through the boring, monotonous, tedious, day to day activities we all must go through. 516 more words

[O Come to the Altar]

I’m a music lover. Something about intricate harmonies and unique melodies and beautiful stringed instruments and bass-heavy trap beats – it speaks to me. Fairly often, you’ll find me listening to music. 823 more words

Breaking The Mold

[winning is so close to losing]

I like winning. I enjoy success. I like it when the team I root for wins, and I like accomplishing goals that I’ve set. It feels great. 739 more words

Breaking The Mold