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Let me be angry about it for a bit

At work, my boss asked those I worked with to review my performance in my first 3 months, so I knew how I was doing and how I could do even better. 557 more words

Cycling For Alex & 4Louis

I’ve been so lucky to have a great group of friends to support me through the loss of Alex but my best friend Kerry definitely deserves a special mention. 1,086 more words

Break The Silence

There's an app for that?

They say there’s an app for everything… and I’m starting to wonder if it’s true.

SmartSafe+ is an app that helps women safely collect evidence of family violence. 156 more words

Lets Break The Silence

I was under no illusion when I decided to write about Alex and our life after losing him that it would not be to everyone’s taste. 924 more words

Break The Silence

Dads get PPD too...

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, they are often forgotten about when a mother is going through postpartum, not just postpartum depression.

10% of dads experience paternal postpartum depression  (50% when mom is depressed).

262 more words

Haunted House

The past won’t stay where it belongs;
Each night it comes and sings a song
Of failures and shortcomings I’ve acquired over time.

I’m nothing but a haunted house; 95 more words