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Trash bin memories

At some point in our lives, each of us meets a person that turns our world upside down and leads us to our highest highs and lowest lows. 620 more words

They say gossip is the devil's work and only true love will make it stop

So after yesterdays rather brief post I wanted to make a more detailed post. So its been an interesting week as always! I saw Rebecca, twice this week. 565 more words


Munich, female, 35


I’m female, 35 years old, living in Munich. Newly single. I’m starting this blog to just write down my experiences. Even though writing down my thoughts once in a while, I wouldn’t even call me a writer at all – it’s just that I have a passion to put into words what I experience. 1,446 more words

Break Up

Pigments and Chemical X

I wanted a change.

So I poured chemicals and pigment into my hair in hopes that I would become a different woman. A woman whose heart hadn’t been through the ringer. 395 more words


"Nikko Carr", I Have Not Forgotten You

Whether it’d be temporary or constant, you truly never fully forget the person who first ignited the powerful emotion of  love within you. Years have past and the best you could do is to preserve this raw feeling of confusion, lust, sadness and happiness. 149 more words


You took my money and then you broke and run, baby you don't know, you don't know my mind

So its been a hectic week for me work wise and I have kept myself busy which is always a good thing. Now its the weekend I have to try to find things to do to keep myself busy. 234 more words

Break Up

A singleton's Friday night

As I sat in the staff room finishing my lesson plans, I was toying between the idea of either going to the pub with my colleagues or going home to a pizza in my pjs. 196 more words