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How to Be Smart in a World of Users

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

But before I do, be forewarned – you may be offended, disgusted, or even downright furious. 1,306 more words

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

Give up the Ghosting

Log on to Twitter or any form of social media this week and you’ll see the term ‘Ghosting” being thrown around a lot.

It’s being touted as the latest break-up fad, with Charlize Theron pushed into the ‘poster girl’ position thanks to her apparent decision to ‘ghost’ Sean Penn. 349 more words


21st Century Stalking

Back in the last century, finding out what someone was up to was either easy or impossible.  Your friends would know what someone was doing, who s/he was dating, who s/he was pining over.  1,297 more words

Starting Over

(Insert your title here)

Falling out of love can be so conflicting, Is it really called falling out of love?
Because if that’s the case you shouldn’t feel it so much. 264 more words


Dalin's Simulcast Corner: Break-Up Lessons

Long time, no see, my dear readers. Simulcast Corner has been on a bit of a hiatus. Some of it can be boiled down to time, while the majority comes from personal issues. 876 more words

Dalin Rowell

A Basic B's Guide to Navigating a Devastating Breakup

If you’re a basic lady like myself, then you probably get way too emotionally invested in reality shows, specifically in the relationships of the people in those shows. 444 more words


Apples v Oranges

He’s not me. And,I’m not him.

We are two different people. We have different needs and communicate in different ways. It’s okay…if we understand that. … 142 more words