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This Is How You Make Him Miss You

You make him miss you by letting him go.

You stop obsessively checking his social media. You stop imagining who he is with or what he’s doing. 273 more words

Letting go of anger and hurt

As of today, it has been a month since I was released from my last relationship. I am still angry and hurt. I was going to post something about that anger but I paused to reflect on if doing such a thing serves me. 215 more words



The only requirement
was absolute honesty
you were too broken

She Was right

She was right, you know. Your friend. The one who I still think about with scorn and my friends still flame for my benefit alone. She was right when she announced that I wouldn’t help myself until you left me. 260 more words

Life Things

The ART of Letting Go.

I think I’ve written about letting go in a previous post but I feel like there’s always something more to talk about and learn, especially when it comes to letting go. 452 more words


Dear Jeff (ALL You Wanna Know About Shaunda)

So. My friend and I went to drop off the last of my ex’s belongings. He violated the agreed upon situation, showed up at the window, got his things. 784 more words

Dear Diary

Why Didn't He Drive By?

Mt ex asked me not to talk about him. I agreed not to name him and make anything a general reference.

He then sent me an email with subject line ‘blog fodder’. 396 more words

Dear Diary