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Questions From the Other Side.

What’s it like to be on the other side of a broken heart?

How do you look someone you love (or used to love?) in the eye and break their heart? 196 more words

If You're Under Him You Ain't Getting Over Him

I recognize and even somewhat empathize with that whole “let’s be friends mindset.”

Trust me, I have been there in the past (trying to “make it work”) and it drove me crazy because it DOES NOT WORK. 472 more words

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, A Week Long Soap Opera

Hey sexy peeps! I know I’ve been kind of quiet for the last month and I apologize for that. The following story explains partly why I’ve been silent, so grab some popcorn and get ready for the drama filled soap opera that was the third week of March 2018 for me… 682 more words

Personal Writings

Alone (part 2)

Dean had been so cold and shaken by what he had experienced, while fixing the door in the pouring rain, that he did not even hear Shelly’s approach from the stairs behind him. 666 more words



Some days are good and other days are bad, but most of my days are just bleh. They have no emotion behind it and I’m like a robot just doing what I have to do with my feelings in the backseat. 275 more words

Break Ups

6 Taylor Swift Songs For Every Break Up Mood

Luckily for us Taylor is always here for us gals no matter what drama we are going through in our lives.
I wonder who is actually there for Taylor though through her problems? 770 more words


Stage One: Realisation

On a whim, I selected a book. Mostly out of boredom, but partially out of curiosity, the ease of ordering on Amazon and something a close friend of mine said that didn’t sit quite right: 701 more words