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My first real heartbreak

So as I said I had two guys in my life that mean something to me but I know that neither of them would ever work out. 402 more words

Rebuilding Walls

Middle of the night texts about upsetting photos or Facebook posts, tearful phone calls talking through feelings, conversations and hugs over coffee or lunch. In the last year and a half, I’ve talked several people through their divorce struggles and long term relationship break ups. 536 more words


Your perfectly manicured lies striped away my resolve and now only one of us can remain.  

The intoxication has worn off, the platitudes are just whispers on the wind that occasionally echo around this chamber we buried deep within ourselves,

Express… 211 more words


What feels like damage beyond repair
today’s words thrown into the air
I can now fully see
how much, you don’t love me

I can only wonder where did we go wrong… 44 more words


The Pain of Love, Or The Lie

A series of fragments from a painful time.


I wish you hadn’t touched me.

My heart is not broken but

You ran a knife gently along the flesh of my heart… 504 more words



I felt like putting up some of my writing here, so I decided to put up an old short story I wrote for school not so long ago. 1,098 more words

Creative Writing


Finally an end to this bloody saga!

YR (the boy) and I have definitively and maturely ended things tonight, once and fucking for all. I am actually feeling really good, which might be because of the break-up sex ( A+) but also because I feel this whole thing has been hanging over me for months now. 337 more words