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He’s her strength, with him she’s weak

He’s her drug, with him she’s sick

He’s her cure, with him she’s hurt

He’s her boon, with him she’s cursed… 44 more words


The Art of Growing & Getting Free

Getting let down has taught me a lot in the past year. One of those things is that no matter how much I felt like the elements of life had broken me down, I still found the ability to build myself back up. 868 more words


Lost Heart

It wasn’t me you couldn’t love, it was yourself
so when you let go, my spirit fell

It wasn’t easy, but the hurt did reveal… 48 more words


35- Do you know what that's worth?

You popped off of my Pinterest boards, washed yourself in some porn, and materialized. That’s what must have happened before I got to run my hands through your hair, kiss your full lips, peel back your pretty layers. 184 more words

Dating Is Expensive

I have a friend who once complained when a man she met online planned a relatively inexpensive outing for their second date.

Instead of embracing a fun and creative day, she pouted the whole date and (surprise) wasn’t asked out on a third. 121 more words

Red Pill


Hello loves…

When you said you were going to let things die out quietly did you mean it?

You cause a storm that grows stronger with every step you take away from me. 182 more words



I saw a photo of my old love with a newfound one of their own. Twice.

That new love was probably in the back of his mind the whole time when he came to visit me in late November, when we talked about us and cried and laughed and even though everything hurt immensely, there was still some slight bit of hope. 148 more words