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Together, they burned bright
but apart he turned so cold.
The fire and ice was lethal.

Break Ups

How to "Break Up" with Someone

First, be kind, but honest. Your words can bring life or death. Don’t try to “cushion” it with untruths. That’s not how Jesus would want you to act. 580 more words


8 Types Of Men You Should Walk Away From

Girl, grab yourself a box of tissue and a glass of wine. It’s time to count to three, rip the Band-Aid off of that stressful relationship and let it go. 2,258 more words

An Ode To Heartbreak Part II

Thanksgiving morning I woke up crying. It was still dark outside but I had been sleeping weird hours for a little over a week – ever since the break-up and it wasn’t unusual for me to wake up this way as I was prone to night sweats and night terrors; but this was different, this was fully conscience sadness. 639 more words



There were times so good that
the bad times disappeared
if only while he was inside her.

Break Ups


She told him that she didn’t
want to share him anymore,
already knowing he was hers.

Break Ups

The River

With such confusion

I’m walking through a jungle

of desert


like a damn of emotion

my feelings –

when really I want to be…

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Kait King Author