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How many times have you lain awake at night

Thinking about ways we could make it right

How many times have you cursed me for tearing you apart… 338 more words


As Time Goes On.

A friend once asked me “How did you cope with losing him?” And with that I thought to myself..

I didn’t. I think about him every time I’m not thinking of something else. 419 more words


Loving You (Adrian Armero)

I loved you, since the beginning. Ever since I laid my eyes on you. You had me. I couldn’t tell whether it was you beautiful smile, your amazing eyes, or your alluring personality. 346 more words


Shattered Pieces

I have a thing for broken men
I am no fixer, I just want to lay next to their shattered pieces
to worship
Cut my cheek on jagged edges… 713 more words

The Crazy

When They Said Time Heals Everything, They Lied

“I want more days without you.. infinite days. Not just tomorrow, next week or next month. I want you to forever be gone from my heart and my mind.” 435 more words

To The One I Had To Leave

It wasn’t easy to decide. It wasn’t easy to choose to leave the comfortable life that we had created. Deciding to leave it was one of the most scary decisions to make. 366 more words

W.i.t.l.w: break ups can be great

Hi friends! Good day to you!

So, we all have been there, the break up. Sometimes it seems like it comes out of nowhere and for others it was a long time coming. 195 more words